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Buglisi Foreman Dance at The Joyce
-Onstage with the Dancers

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Buglisi Foreman Dance
(Buglisi/Foreman Website)
Presented at the Joyce Theater


Artistic Directors: Jacqulyn Buglisi and Donlin Foreman
Associate Founders: Terese Capucilli and Christine Dakin

The Company : Jennifer Emerson, Helen Hansen,
Walter Cinquinella, Banning Roberts, Christina Marcus, Junichi Fukuda, Davon Rainey, Yin-Ling Lin, Emma Stein, Jane Sato, Marie Zvocec, Todd McQuade

Composers: Daniel Binelli, Lisa DeSpain, Glen Velez
Musicians: Maya Beiser, Daniel Binelli, Polly Ferman,
Caroline Stinson, Glen Velez
Lighting Design: Jack Mehler, Clifton Taylor
Projection Design: Jan Hartley
Lighting Supervisor: Tricia Toliver
Production Stage Manager: Maxine Glorsky
Set Design: Jacobo Borges, Jack Mehler
Actor: Jason Quarles
Playwright: Aya Ogawa
Paintings: Madeline Weinrib
Costume Design: A. Christina Giannini, Elisa Jimenez

Roberta Zlokower
January 25, 2005
Originally Published on


The Conversation (World Premiere, dedicated to Dr. Rachael Yocom and people of Southeast Asia ): Choreography by Jacqulyn Buglisi, Music Soundscape by Maya Beiser, Music by Osvaldo Golijov/Beiser, Edward Elgar/Fournier, Michael Hoppé/Tillman, Philip Glass/Webber, Projection Design by Jan Hartley, Lighting Design by Clifton Taylor, Costume Design by A. Christina Giannini, Paintings by Madeline Weinrib, Prologue by Maya Beiser, Performed by The Company, Narration by Diana de Vegh.

Buglisi/Foreman Dance was formed by the two Martha Graham Company Artistic Directors and two Martha Graham Company former dancers, Terese Capucilli, Christine Dakin, Jacqulyn Buglisi and Donlin Foreman. Much of the Graham technique is still present in the works of this creative Company, and much is original and quite exciting. With a backdrop of ethereal film, as Maya Beiser plays her rich cello, there seemed to be an earthy, feminine theme playing out, literally and figuratively, with clouds rolling by, as days shift to nights. There was a mournful ambiance, as dancers seemed to walk through each other's bodies in athletic, dramatic, sensual, slow, and shadowy dimensions.

Filial, erotic, and platonic relationships seemed to emerge and disappear with the clouds. The human elements of fear, pain, and thirst seemed to be invoked, and Madeline Weinrib's art was noteworthy enough to revisit on its own. Maya Beiser's performance was equally enticing and worth further exploration.

Gravel Bed (World Premiere, "We build our own houses and make our own beds"): Choreography by Donlin Foreman, Rehearsal Director, Walter Cinquinella, Music Composed by Daniel Binelli, Music Performed by Binelli/Ferman Duo on Bandoneón and Piano, Playwright: Aya Ogawa, Actor: Jason Quarles, Lighting Design by Jack Mehler, Costume Design by Elisa Jimenez, Performed by The Company, including Donlin Foreman.

This writer is quite familiar with the composer and pianist's works, and Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman are world-renowned in the Argentine Tango community. Mr. Binelli has composed an original score for Gravel Bed, and it would work on its own for listening, as it works here for the visually abstract dance, choreographed and danced by Donlin Foreman. The Company and Mr. Foreman wander and dance with outstretched arms and pelvic contractions in interesting patterns, while moving through and around a variety of angular onstage doors and a very strange bed-like form.

An actor recites poetry, as the soulful bandoneón draws the audience into a dreamlike illusion. Ms. Ferman, on piano, takes her cues from Mr. Binelli, as they face each other, offstage left. Their elegant attire adds class and character to the entire work, which seems metaphorical (make the bed; sleep in it) and mesmerizing.

Suspended Women (2000, Dedicated to all women "suspended"): Choreography by Jacqulyn Buglisi, Music by Maurice Ravel, Music interpolations composed by Daniel Bernard Roumain, Lighting Design by Clifton Taylor, Costume Design by Jacqulyn Buglisi and A. Christina Giannini, Performed by The Company.

This seasoned work with mostly women in somewhat elegant dress (clothing purposely looks like it had seen better days) has an airiness and romance to it, with Ravel's rapturous Piano Concerto in G. Four men seem at once wanted and unwanted, and Ms. Buglisi's choreography is exotic and enticing. Much of Graham is ever present, in perhaps homage, as the 30's and 40's are evoked in not so subliminal fashion. This is an iconic work and obviously one to revisit.

Kudos to Jacqulyn Buglisi and Donlin Foreman for the two premieres and the revisited work. Their unique and interesting choreography is replete with intrinsic emotion and intellectual depth.

Polly Ferman and Daniel Binelli
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Terese Capucilli and Christine Dakin
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Jacqulyn Buglisi, Terese Capucilli, and Friend
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Buglisi/Foreman Dancers
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Robert Friedman and Donlin Foreman
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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