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Alexis Parsons

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Alexis Parsons
2006 One Soul Studios

Alexis Parsons on Voice
Frank Kimbrough on Piano


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 30, 2014

This CD is a whispering, wistful collection of vocal-piano ballads, sung in ethereal lightness by Alexis Parsons, accompanied by Frank Kimbrough. The collection includes music by Michel LeGrand, Richard Rodgers, Benny Carter, and Duke Ellington. This album is perfect for candlelight, cognac, and a crackling fire. Mr. Kimbrough never overwhelms the vocals, but supports them as they seem suspended in air.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Hello Young Lovers - Composed by R. Rodgers/O. Hammerstein. Alexis Parsons finds her perfect pitch in this ballad, creating vocals that cling to solo piano notes or chords, and then combine for expanded soulfulness. This entire album is mellow, melancholy, but never mournful. It’s imbued with warmth and emotion. Ms. Parsons extends one note to catch a full piano phrase with pure mastery.

#3 – Just Squeeze Me – Composed by D. Ellington/L. Gaines. This marvelous Duke Ellington tune showcased Frank Kimbrough’s jazzy talent, with flourishes and trills that make this track engaging and upbeat. Ms. Parsons gives Mr. Kimbrough the central portion of this track to play with this enchanting tune, while she adds sensuous, sassy vocals in the expansive introduction and finale.

#7 – She – Composed by M. Faithfull/A. Badalamenti. Ms. Parsons brings out a yearning poignancy in these lovely lyrics, begging a lover to give her a second chance. There’s a simplicity to this album, uncluttered, with just the vocal-piano duo, that allows the lyrics to reverberate, in musical communication with the listener. The result is sophisticated and refined.

#8 – You Must Believe In Spring – Composed by M. LeGrand/M. and A. Bergman. Michel LeGrand, the French composer and conductor, who has a massive repertoire of renowned film and television scores, wrote this romantic standard. Ms. Parsons and Mr. Kimbrough keep it streamlined, with Ms. Parsons opening the track a cappella. The lyrics spell longing and loneliness, with spring bringing spiritual renewal.

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