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Annie Kozuch: Mostly Jobim

- CD Reviews

Annie Kozuch: Mostly Jobim
Kozuch Productions, Inc.

Annie Kozuch on Vocals
Frank Ponzio on Piano
Vito Lesczak on Drums
Saadi Zain on Bass
Cecilia Tenconi on Flute, Saxophone
Sean Harkness on Guitar
Edson “Café” Aparecido da Silva on Brazilian Percussion


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 7, 2013

This CD is a lovely selection of Brazilian sambas and ballads, sung by Annie Kozuch in Portuguese and/or English, so the listener has the Brazilian ambiance and a closeness to the enchanting lyrics. Six accompanying musicians, sometimes in transporting instrumental passages, play piano, drums, bass, flute/sax, guitar, and percussion.

Notable tracks:

#3 – A Felicidade – Composed by A.C. Jobim-V. de Moraes. With a combination of piano, percussion, bass, and guitar, the Brazilian rhythm ensemble was richly tuned, as backup for vocalist, Annie Kozuch. Ms. Kozuch sings in clear, un-dramatized vocals, with a focus on musicality and lyricism. Her precise Portuguese inflection is showcased throughout this track.

#6 – Desafinado – Composed by A.C. Jobim-J. Hendricks and Jessie Cavanaugh. The piece opens with solo, pulsating percussion, followed by a fleeting flute melody and Ms. Kozuch’s spirited vocals, all in English this time. There’s a tropical Bossa Nova rhythm inherent in the Jobim standard, presented in a buoyant, bubbly mood.

#8 – Girl from Ipanema – Composed by A.C. Jobim-N. Gimbel. Bass and piano are spotlighted on this track, with Ms. Kozuch in fine vocal tones, all in English this time. Piano and bass take a generous duo riff, carrying the popular melody in playful and windy interlude.

#10 – Água De Beber – Composed by A.C. Jobim-V. de Moraes. This was my favorite track, all in Portuguese, with spirited tempos and some saxophone flourishes and enhancements. It seemed that the entire ensemble joined for this final track, with compelling, fused harmonies. In this track and the track reviewed above, Ms. Kozuch showcased her finest vocal moments.

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