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David Chesky: Jazz in the New Harmonic

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David Chesky: Jazz in the New Harmonic
2013: Chesky Records, Inc.

David Chesky on Piano
Billy Drummond on Drums
Javon Jackson on Tenor Saxophone
Jeremy Pelt on Trumpet
Peter Washington on Bass

Media: Doreen D’Agostino

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 29, 2013

This CD is a striking fusion of classical and jazz motifs, with danceable tracks ripe for modern or ballet scores. The rhythms are sensational, and the musicians are seasoned, in fact, among the top tier of today’s jazz community. Joining composer-pianist David Chesky are Billy Drummond on drums, Javon Jackson on tenor saxophone, Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, and Peter Washington on bass, most of whom have been featured on this magazine in live performances. This music is au courant, edgy, and one of those recordings you want to hear again and often.

Notable tracks:
All compositions by David Chesky.

#1 – Jazz In the New Harmonic This title piece opens with Peter Washington’s accented bass chords echoing with yearning and coolness. A flourish of Jeremy Pelt’s trumpet pierces the air, before Javon Jackson chimes in for a sax-trumpet conversation. Some dissonance follows, with David Chesky’s atonal piano chords and Billy Drummond’s repetitive drums that keep the tempo lively. This track begs for repeat listening, as it’s so magnetic.

#2 – Broadway A very contemporary piece, Broadway brings echoing drum sticks and bass into a mélange of taxi-horn trumpet effects, plus eerie and breezy piano and tenor sax The listener is transported to the avenue, with a sensation of the rush of crowds and the energy of theater. This music is compelling and challenging..

#4 – Duke’s Groove This track is quite evocative of the music of Robert Prince, specifically his score in Jerome Robbins’ N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz. This is an urban, youthful genre of sound, with piercing trumpet and repetitive sax, driven with rhythmic and spirited vibrancy.

#7 – Burnout This is a serendipitous track imbued with tonal and thematic surprises. A surreal trumpet appears, against steady bass and drums, with treble piano keys sounding like ice, cool beyond cool. The tenor sax infuses haunting refrains, as the quintet melds mood and momentum. .

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