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Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet: Samba Jazz in Black and White

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Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet: Samba Jazz in Black and White

Duduka Da Fonseca on Drums and Percussion
Helio Alves on Piano
Leonardo Cioglia on Acoustic Bass
Anat Cohen on Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, and Clarinet
Guilherme Monteiro on Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Guests: Maucha Adnet (Vocals), Alana Da Fonseca (Vocals),
Vic Juris (Guitar), Paulo Levi (Tenor Sax), Claudio Roditi (Trumpet)

Media: Jazz Promo Services

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 29, 2013

This CD is one of the finest fusions of jazz and Samba that I’ve ever heard. The crème de la crème of Brazilian jazz has been assembled by drummer Duduka Da Fonseca, who has been reviewed often in this magazine. He introduces to the listener Helio Alves on piano, Leonardo Cioglia on bass, Anat Cohen on soprano sax, tenor sax, and clarinet, Guilherme Monteiro on electric and acoustic guitars, and renowned guests. The tracks are varied with scintillating Sambas followed by sultry Bossa Nova and Latin rhythms, mixed with pulsating, intriguing percussion. This ensemble could call itself an orchestra, with its fullness and depth of sound.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Bye Bye Brasil – Composed by R. Menescal, C. Buarque. Claudio Roditi, guest artist, opens this track with a rapturous, muted trumpet, carrying this melodic theme, accompanied by Helio in overlapping harmonies. Helio soon takes a riff with transporting temperament and timbre. In the fading finale, percussive brushes, a muted sax, and earthy bass add luster.

#6 – Medo De Amar – Composed by V. De Moraes. Maucha Adnet and Guilherme take turns with this evocative theme, with Maucha’s rich vocalization and Guilherme’s stunning electrified strings. Helio’s piano chords add graceful reverberation, while Duduka’s soft drums and Leonardo’s rhythmic bass add tonal contrast and tempo. Guest Paulo Levi also provided lovely flute refrains on the track, while Vic Juris added garnishes of tenor sax.

#9 – Terra De Angara – Composed by H. Mauro Jr. This track is introduced in the previous track by a percussive solo, composed and performed by Duduka, with drama and momentum. In the following track of the same title, Duduka’s lead quartet brings strength and skill, with Anat and Guilherme sharing the thematic solos, with entrancing vitality. Duduka’s drums add sharpness and verve, while Leonardo’s bass is brisk and buoyant.

#11 – Sambetinho – Composed by H. Alves. Helio’s composition provides him an expansive solo with fascination and fervor. This piece is almost danceable, in the Samba motif. The lead ensemble joins in, with the guitar grabbing a new take on the inviting theme. A driven drum riff ensues, with subdued sax embellishments and an ebullient bass.

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