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Paul Peress: Then Again

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Paul Peress: Then Again
2005 Paul Peress Next Step Music

Paul Peress on Drums
Helio Alves on Piano
Brandon Fields on Sax
Lincoln Goines on Bass
John Tropea on Guitar

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 29, 2013

This CD is strongly fused with percussive rhythms, as Paul Peress is seasoned on drums and compositions. He has arranged a stunning mix of multi-cultural instrumentals, with African, Brazilian, and Latin tones and tempos. The opening title piece was composed by Peress for solo drums, a play of syncopation and repetitions, varying in volume and intensity.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Butterfly’s Landing – Composed by H. Hancock. This track evolves from John Tropea’s electrically charged guitar introduction to Helio Alves’ playful piano passages, just like a fluttering butterfly. Peress is busy on cymbals, marking a breezy beat, but piano and guitar bring the track to a winding soft finish.

#4 – The Maiden’s Voyage – Composed by H. Hancock. This fourth track is all-Alves, all keyboard, with blended backup from Brandon Fields on sax. The piano-sax duos are enchanting, with exotic tonalities, while Lincoln Goines on bass, along with the drums, builds abundant musicality in the moment.

#9 – Afro Blue – Composed by R. Santamaria. This is an exquisite track, expanded by the versatility of Goines and Tropea, as the bass so prominently echoes several mesmerizing notes, while the guitar improvises on fragments of that theme. Alves provides the business, before bass and piano switch to the other’s theme. Throughout, Peress’ sticks and cymbals add resonance.

#10 – Tagain – Composed by P. Peress, H. Alves, L. Goines. This brief, uncluttered track maximizes the fusion of bass, piano, and drums, composed by those three musicians. There’s a danceable buoyancy to the music, upbeat and relaxed.

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