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Nuevo Tango Ensamble: D’Impulso
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Nuevo Tango Ensamble: D’Impulso

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Nuevo Tango Ensamble: D’Impulso
2011 JazzHaus Records

Pasquale Stafano on Piano
Gianni Iorio on Bandoneón
Pierluigi Balducci on Double Bass
Javier Girotto on Saxophone

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 24, 2013

This CD adapts the natural rhythms of traditional Argentine Tango (elegant intense dance), Milonga (more rapid upbeat dance), and Tango Waltz (swirling and upbeat) with contemporary motifs. The three Nuevo Tango musicians from Italy, with special guest artist, Argentinean saxophonist, Javier Girotto, combine their talents with intoxicating improvisations and, for the Tangueros who purchase this music, some exciting musical surprises.

Notable tracks:

#1 –D’Impulso – Composed by Pierluigi Balducci. This title track is infused with elongated final notes and ornamentations on many phrases, perfect for the Tango dancers. Iorio’s bandoneón leads the melodic theme with captivating flair. Stafano, on piano, introduces deep uncluttered tones, followed by the bandoneón’s compelling song, with Balducci, on bass, for earthy balance.

#3 –Milonga Bajo La Luna - Composed by Pierluigi Balducci. Javier Girotto is generously featured on saxophone on this track, which explodes with gorgeous harmonies in a smooth, supple beat. The song’s title refers to dancing under the moon, and, in listening, one can be fully transported to such a romantic experience in motion.

#4 –Angelica – Composed by Gianni Iorio. Piano and bandoneón are emphasized on this track in swirling rapid rhythms that evoke both Milonga and Waltz. The mood is midnight, and the impression is magical and mesmerizing.

#7 –Le Lanterne di Phuket – Composed by Pasquale Stafano. This languorous track shifts between the introductory bandoneón melody to its similar tone on piano, then a combination of both in strong, then whispering resonance. The listener is immediately relaxed and serenaded into blissful instrumental strains.

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