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Lucio Ferrara: It's All Right With Me
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Lucio Ferrara: It's All Right With Me

- CD Reviews

Il Punto Ristorante
(formerly Osteria Gelsi)
507-509 Ninth Avenue
New York, N Y 10018

Traditional, Authentic Italian Dining
Old World Style
Comfort and Attention
Three Dining Rooms
Private Events Welcome
Near Broadway Shows
and Fashion District

Lucio Ferrara: It’s All Right With Me

Lucio Ferrara on Guitar
Lee Konitz on Alto Sax
Antonio Ciacca on Piano
Ulysses Owens on Drums
Kengo Nakamura on Bass
Ehud Asherle on Hammond B3 Organ
Yasushi Nakamura on Bass

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
June 19, 2010

This CD is a selection of renowned ballads, such as “Body and Soul” and “It’s All Right With Me”, as well as original compositions by members of the band. Lucio Ferrara leads most tracks, always with dazzling, melodious, and original themes and improvisations. Ferrara has assembled a first rate ensemble; Lee Konitz on alto sax, Kengo Nakamura on bass, and Antonio Ciacca on piano add luster to “Body and Soul”, while Ehud Asherle’s Hammond B3 organ ornamentations in the final tracks are jaunty, sparkling, and exotic. Ulysses Owens enhances all nine tracks on versatile drum riffs and accompaniment, and Yasushi Nakamura provides earthy bass tones to the first five tracks. Ferrara is well known in today’s Italian jazz scene, a master of the guitar. He teaches, directs, and organizes jazz camps and workshops. .

Notable tracks:

#1 – Twelve Bars for M.B. – Composed by Lucio Ferrara. Ferrara’s original composition has breezy, seamless harmonies, plus generous riffs for piano and drums. The guitar theme has some mixed dissonance that adds edge and fascination, while percussive passages early and later on brighten the momentum. The piano riff is melancholy and quite pleasant.

#6 – Body and Soul – Composed by J. Green. Lee Konitz and Kengo Nakamura highlight this track, with generous sax and bass solos, while the piano accompaniment adds vibrancy and texture. There’s a rapturous mood that’s created by this seasoned ensemble, while sax and bass provide esoteric elements.

#7 – I Should Care – Composed by S. Cahn. The first half of this track is dedicated to Ferrara’s mesmerizing guitar, with its sultry, engaging syncopation and smooth, romantic strings. Ehud Asherle enters on organ with an upbeat, faster tempo, same theme, before Ferrara returns in a slower, tranquil lead.

#8 – It’s All Right With Me – Composed by C. Porter. Ferrara, Asherle, and Ulysses Owens, on drums, combine to make this title track rambunctious, resonant, and ripe. Its familiar melody is embellished with the virtuosic talents of this trio, as the jazzy refrains repeat with full, glowing tones.

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