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Luciano Troja: at Home with Zindars

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Luciano Troja: at Home with Zindars
(Luciano Troja Website)
2010 Luciano Troja

Luciano Troja on Solo Piano

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
June 14, 2010

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All tracks composed by Earl Zindars, except #12, by Luciano Troja, and #15, by Anne and Earl Zindars.

This CD is Luciano Troja’s first solo piano CD. Troja explores in musical depth the “world” of Earl Zindars, who was a friend and collaborator of the renowned pianist, Bill Evans. Troja received support from Zindars’ wife, who co-wrote many of Zindars’ songs. The CD includes an incredibly well produced, 40-page booklet, in both English and Italian, with photos and quotes. Troja divides the booklet into discussions about his own musical journey, listening to Evans and Zindars’ unique compositions, the relationship of Zindars and Evans, Zindars’ biography, from his roots in Chicago to his fellowships at The MacDowell Colony (Peterborough, New Hampshire) and Yaddo (Saratoga Springs, NY), both of which I have personally visited. Troja also lists Zindars’ many professional accomplishments and performances. The booklet enthusiastically describes Troja’s inspiration for each track, also in two languages. Luciano Troja’s new solo piano CD is great for home listening, and also as a very beautiful gift for piano aficionados and for all those who love elegant music.

Notable tracks:

#5 - Z Waltz – This track, evocative of Bill Evans, is simple in tones and patterns, but ethereal and introspective. Phrases repeat, vary, then change structure slightly, only to return to the original, with eloquence and effortlessness. There’s a “soft as spring rain” quality to this 1996 track.

#6 – Sareen Jurer – The Mountain’s Water, Pt. 1 – The first of two 1975 connected tracks, this piece has dissonant phrases amidst the melodic, romantic refrains. It ends with chiming tones that ring like yearning bells, as it leads to its concluding track. The title is drawn from Zindars’ wife, Anne’s, Armenian heritage, as “Sareen Jurer” means “water from the mountain” in Armenian. Troja notes that the music creates the impression of mountain waterfalls.

#12 – Earl and Bill – Troja’s 2006 composition, on the style of Zindars and Evans, is melancholy and mesmerizing, with notes that transport the listener and capture the imagination. Troja’s concept, to integrate tonal echoes from the two artists’ compositions, is a worthy tribute to “Earl and Bill”.

#15 – How My Heart Sings – Anne and Earl Zindars collaborated on this 1962 song, with Anne writing the title and lyrics. This early Zindars piece, written shortly after Anne and Earl met, is soothing, seamless, and sultry. It’s infused with loving lyricism and should be listened to a few times to truly feel its effect.

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