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Gay Marshall: Gay Marshall Sings Piaf, "la vie l'amour"
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Gay Marshall: Gay Marshall Sings Piaf, "la vie l'amour"

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Gay Marshall Sings Piaf: la vie l’amour 2004

Gay Marshall on Vocals
Arrangements by Gay Marshall and Mark Hartman
Additional Arrangements by Paul Bevin
Mark Hartman on Piano and Accordion
Steve Gilewski on Bass
Peter Sachon on Cello
Michael Croiter on Drums, Percussion, Guitar
Entcho Todorov on Violin
Alan Won on Reeds
William Schimmel on Additional Accordion
Dan McMillan on Glocks

Press: Savoy Communications

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 26, 2010

This CD is a good impression of Edith Piaf’s repertoire, sung both in French and in English. Although Ms. Marshall is non-native French, her accent endures, using a French accent in the English adaptations as well. The instrumental accompanists are masters of the genre, enhancing the songs with Parisian ornamentations. Ms. Marshall adds tonal drama, vocal emotion, and musical gesture, evocative of Piaf’s Bohemian milieu.

Notable tracks:

#1– Padam – Composed by H. Contet - N. Glanzberg. Singing in French, rolling her R’s, with featured violin and accordion, Ms. Marshall presents an excellent interpretation of Piaf’s Padam. The rhythm is vibrant and pulsating, reminiscent of a breezy, swirling waltz. This introductory track is vivacious and appealing.

#5 – L’Accordeoniste – Composed by M. Emer. Sung in English, this track has a luscious cello accompaniment to the accordion and vocals. It’s sung to a racing, breathless tempo, as the lyrics unfold about a woman’s obsession with the accordionist’s dexterous fingering on his lively keys. Ms. Marshall adds expression and urgency to her song.

#9 – La Foule – Composed by M. Rivegauche – A. Cabral. Piano, accordion, and violin are featured on this renowned song, as Ms. Marshall sings in rapid French phrasing. The musical impression of the urban crowd, that this song celebrates, is palpable and persuasive.

#14 – Milord – Composed by G. Moustaki – M. Monnot. Sung both in French and English, with piano, drums, and accordion featured, Ms. Marshall sings about torn, silk hearts, eyes of lies, and cruel love. There’s a juxtaposition of dynamism and soft reflection that makes this track most engaging and provoking.

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