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The Roger Davidson Trio: Bom Dia
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The Roger Davidson Trio: Bom Dia

- CD Reviews

Salon Ziba

200 West 57th Street
New York, NY
Open seven days a week
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The Roger Davidson Trio: Bom Dia

Roger Davidson on Piano
David Finck on Bass
Paulo Brago on Drums
Special Guest:
Marivaldo dos Santos on Percussion


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 29, 2009

This CD is a unique series of Roger Davidson’s Brazilian Samba compositions with authentic tonalities and rhythms. Listening to the 11 tracks is like a private trip to Rio, with Marivaldo dos Santos’ exotic percussion, pulsating drums, earthy bass, and engaging piano themes, all with true Brazilian brio. The slower melodies, like “Patient Soul”, are danceable to rhumba, and perfect for reflective listening. David Finck’s solo bass passages breathe warmth.

Notable tracks:

All tracks composed by Roger Davidson.

#1 – Fabiana – This Samba melody is danceable, with memorable themes and innate Brazilian musicality. Both percussionists, plus the bassist, are generously featured, while the rapid, but sultry tones catch the imagination. Davidson’s piano interpretation showcases the lively mood.

#3 – Bom Dia – There are references in this title track to popular Brazilian Samba songs, with original twists, and this highly danceable and enchanting composition has everything a Samba would want. Finck and Davidson trade leads, while the percussionists stay busy with the pulse of the music. The repetitive nature of the Samba is inherent in Davidson’s concept, highlighting its authenticity and verve.

#6 – Ela Me Ama – This rambunctious romantic track, translated in Portuguese, “She loves me”, is replete with lively refrains, that build in echoing phrases. Brazilian percussion adds to the warm, bouncy beat, and the quartet comes together with resonant rhythm. .

#9 – Patient Soul – This track opens like a bluesy ballad, before the South of the Border percussive elements mark the exotic mood of this lovely song. There are quasi-classical references, that reveal Davidson’s culturally sophisticated approach to his compositions. Again, Finck is generously presented in solo bass, while Brago and dos Santos provide textured rhythmic effects.

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