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Peter Buffett: Imaginary Kingdom

- CD Reviews

Terrace in the Sky Restaurant

400 West 119th Street
New York, New York 10027

Uptown Jazz, Columbia University
West Side Legend, Elegant Dining
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Peter Buffett: Imaginary Kingdom
2008 Beside Records
(Peter Buffett Website)

Peter Buffett on Vocals, Piano, Instrumental Mixing
Trent Stroh, Bass
George Bernardo, Drums
Tom Nelson, Goran Kralj, Bill Bonifas, Guitars
Nine Volt Audio, Guitar Loops

Press: Two Sheps that Pass..

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 16, 2009

All tracks composed by Peter Buffett.

This CD is an enchanting mix of nurturing New Age, rhythmic West Coast Swing, and charismatic Cultural motifs. Peter Buffett teams with guest artists on three guitars, bass, drums, and audio enhancements, as Buffett sings, plays piano, and composes all tracks, as well. Imaginary Kingdom is a CD for listeners of all ages, who yearn for a musical experience that transcends the here and now. Inspirational lyrics open a window onto worlds far away and the power of giving, such as “I’ve seen enough to know it’s wrong…You think you’ve done your very best, That history’s put you to the test, But nothing’s written and your grade is failing…” (How Do You Sleep?)..

Notable tracks:

#3 – How Do You Sleep? – A nice percussive West Coast Swing rhythm builds, with exotic melodies. The mixing makes the vocals seem choral, and the guitars seem orchestral. Drums and bass add to the punctuated, percussive beats.

#4 – Imaginary Kingdom – The title track is smooth and surreal, with a contemporary, soft rock sound. The lyrics have societal meanings, such as, “What you want is what you want to see”, but the music blends the words into poignant phrases.

#7 – Wrap It Up In Blue – In this track the words take on ornamental effects, as the electronic guitars drive the theme. The sound is strikingly other-worldly, with a seamless, undulating tempo.

#12 – Another Day – The piano’s staccato evokes the tolling of bells, with Buffett’s vocals in harmonized and seamless chords, over repetitive chimes. These compositions are uniquely fascinating and invite frequent listening that soothes the soul.

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