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Calabria Foti: In the Still of the Night
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Calabria Foti: In the Still of the Night

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Calabria Foti: In the Still of the Night

Calabria Foti on Vocals
Eddie Daniels on Clarinet
Gene Bertoncini on Guitar
Michael Patterson on Piano
Richard Locker on Cello
Jared Schonig on Drums
Bob McChesney on Trombone
Ike Sturm on Bass


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 23, 2017

This new album is one of the most exquisite contemporary music recordings I have heard in years. Calabria Foti has gorgeous, cognac-rich vocals, and her top quality instrumental ensemble includes the crème de la crème of seasoned jazz musicians, just to mention Gene Bertoncini on guitar, Bob McChesney on trombone, and Eddie Daniels on clarinet. Michael Patterson, pianist, has arranged and produced this Cole Porter tribute project. Each of the eleven stunning tracks features one or two instrumental spotlights, and Ms. Foti has been generous to credit her instrumentalists’ solos on the album’s cover. Each track is detailed differently, with uniquely styled introductions that set the mood of the piece, whether it’s the rhythmically rambunctious “Anything Goes” or the quietly impassioned “In the Still of the Night”. If you purchase one album this summer, make it Ms. Foti’s In the Still of the Night. If you purchase two, make it two copies of this album, so you can share this rare listening experience with a colleague or loved one. Ms. Foti is a versatile artist, who also performs as a violinist onstage, as a radio host, and as a master class teacher. It was almost impossible to choose the requisite four “notable tracks” below, as each was so compelling.

All music and lyrics by Cole Porter.
All arrangements by Michael Patterson.

Notable tracks:

#1 – Just One of Those Things – As you experience this remarkable Cole Porter song, with Gene Bertoncini’s guitar opening the album, you will forget you are home or in your car. Your imagination will seat you at a candlelit nightclub with a brandy or cocktail in hand. Ms. Foti sounds like a songbird crooner from 1930’s and 40’s films and musicals. In fact, she lists the films and shows that featured each selection. This song appeared in a 1935 musical, Jubilee. Jared Schonig on drums adds some clavé for a bossa beat. But, it’s Eddie Daniels on clarinet who gleams in the spotlight with a virtuosic interlude. Piano and bass add brilliantly tuned harmonies.

#3 – Anything Goes – In a tour de force solo, Bob McChesney brings his sultry, sassy trombone to the listening experience, combining with Ms. Foti’s lush interpretation of this title tune from the 1934 musical. Michael Patterson’s rhythmic piano and Ike Sturm’s bluesy bass enhance this track immensely. Ms. Foti holds a note endlessly for dramatic effect, and her tonal gestures, as well, bring persuasive persona to the lyrics. The piano and trombone play out the track.

#7 – Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye – Each scintillating track on its own is worth owning this elegant album, but, here, with Richard Locker’s searing, soulful cello solo, you’ll be psychically mesmerized by the musical drama. This Cole Porter tune first appeared in a 1944 revue called “Seven Lively Arts”. And, what a tune it is, when sung with an abundance of yearning, passion, and tonal purity. Fragments of guitar and bass fill moments, here and there, but it’s Mr. Locker’s deeply resonant cello that seizes and transforms the imagination. Ms. Foti, once again, holds a note in astounding clarity.

#11 – In the Still of the Night – The album’s title tune begs to be heard over and over again. Its intense theatricality, in Ms. Foti’s hushed vocals and Mr. Locker’s deep cello interludes, brandishes the mind. A midnight musical aura envelops the listener with its classically infused sophistication. Piano, bass, soft percussion, and guitar appear in a shifting tonal backdrop, while the cello and vocals are spellbinding in their tonal fusion. The 1937 film, Rosalie, featured this tune. Kudos to Calabria Foti and her ensemble, and kudos to Cole Porter.

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