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Valentina Marino: in the name of love
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Valentina Marino: in the name of love

- CD Reviews

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Valentina Marino: in the name of love

Valentina Marino on Voice
Cameron Brown on Bass
Anthony Pinciotti on Drums
Alberto Pibiri on Piano and Rhodes
Jay Azzolina on Guitar
Maximilian Zooi on Bass Clarinet
Matt Chalk on Sax
Cody Rowlands on Trumpet
Max Bezanson on Bass
Laura Giannini on Violin
Laura Huey on Viola
Molly Aronson on Cello


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 23, 2017

This CD is a tribute from vocalist, Valentina Marino, to the concept of love, “with all its ups and downs”. The album is dedicated to Enzo Marino, Valentina’s father. Ms. Marino’s band, listed above, includes a wide variety of artists on strings, including cello, violin, and viola, for an orchestral ambiance. Ms. Marino mostly meshes her vocals into the musical mix as a combined, fine-tuned instrument. The rhythm section, on drums, bass, piano, and Rhodes, creates a romantic, soothing pulse, plus vibrancy and verve on several tracks. An international mood emanates from two tracks, a Jobim piece in Portuguese and a Testoni track in Italian. This is a lovely album for a collection of original works and Ms. Marino’s new arrangements (except 2 tracks noted below).

Notable tracks:

#3 – Space Oddity – Composed by David Bowie. Valentina Marino’s evocative vocals blend with strings and piano on this track, showcasing the late David Bowie’s tune in mysterious, exotic tonality. Maximilian Zooi provided the arrangements. Laura Giannini, on violin, Laura Huey on viola, and Molly Aronson on cello create a trio of shimmering, ethereal strings. An other-worldly effect is immediately sensed, on listening to this composition inspired by outer space. Ms. Marino’s vocals echo in existential aura, with pure, pitched resonance. Matt Chalk on sax, Mr. Zooi on bass clarinet, Cody Rowlands on trumpet, and Max Bezanson on bass comprise the track’s guest ensemble.

#5 – Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar – Composed by A. C. Jobim / V. de Moraes. This Jobim standard is performed mainly by Ms. Marino on authentic Portuguese vocals and Jay Azzolina on lush, balmy guitar. The mood is tranquil and intimate. The guitar introduction to the South of the Border tune leads the listener into this bossa nova-styled track. This song requires a tropical cocktail in hand.

#9 – In Cerca di Te – Composed by G. C. Testoni / E. Sciorilli. Mr. Azzolina is generously featured on a buoyant guitar, as this Fellini-esque tune takes you to sunny Italy. Ms. Marino’s authentic Italian lyrics, romantically infused, present pitch-perfect melody. Also on hand is Matt Chalk on sax, with some bristling, bouncy solos. The fervent rhythms carry the theme with molto brio.

#10 – Go Through – Composed by Valentina Marino. This introspective piece, sung like a chamber work, with a quartet of strings, violin, viola, bass, and a featured cello, is eloquent. Ms. Marino composed the song, and Mr. Zooi created the arrangements. There are repetitive, echoing refrains that appear like spring raindrops. On a visceral level, the brief cello solo and fused string harmonies enhanced this song immensely. This music could be part of a score for modern dance or a short ballet.

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