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Trio Da Paz: 30

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Trio Da Paz: 30

Romero Lubambo on Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Nilson Matta on Acoustic Bass
Duduka Da Fonseca on Drums


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 14, 2016

This CD is Trio da Paz’ tribute album to its thirty years of performance and recording collaboration. I have personally known these musicians and covered their live events for many years. Duduka Da Fonseca on drums, Romero Lubambo on guitar, and Nilson Matta on bass are renowned in New York and around the globe for this Trio, for their own bands and events, and for their crème de la crème Brazilian jazz recordings. The music on this album is a series of showcased compositions, a few by each of the three, and one by the late Brazilian guitarist, Baden Powell. The spotlighted tracks below each feature a composition by Nilson, Duduka, or Romero, as well as the Powell piece. These three musicians are friends for over three decades, and it’s impressive that they each composed and titled a tune for one or more of their children. These are warm, vibrant, talented, family-focused artists. In fact, Duduka’s wife, Maucha Adnet, a lush vocalist, often joins the Trio at club gigs and festivals.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Outono – Composed by Romero Lubambo. Romero’s romantic tune, entitled “Autumn” (in English), is romantically persuasive, with its memorable theme. Romero plays the meandering melody with its plush, luxuriant aura. Soon Nilson takes the lead, with Romero on whispery strings and Duduka on brushes throughout. When Nilson and Romero harmonize on bass and guitar, you’re ready for a picnic under the autumnal trees. The mood of this album is smooth, upbeat, and uncluttered, highlighting the Trio’s seasoned talent.

#4 – Alana – Composed by Duduka Da Fonseca. Duduka’s spirited track, titled and composed for his older daughter, has a contemporary, improvisational motif, with mixed atonal solos and fused instrumentals. Duduka’s fiery drums punctuate the piece with sticks and metal, cymbals and echoes. Nilson’s bass solo is evocative of the new music genre, original and unpredictable, backed by drum rolls and flourishes. Romero keeps his guitar understated and blended. In the track’s final minute, Duduka’s drums evoke steam and heat.

#6 – Samba Triste – Composed by Baden Powell. This is a thrilling track for the listener, with Duduka’s sticks on metal and the Trio unrolling its music like a train gone wild. Romero and Nilson combine guitar and bass for an intense dynamic. Nilson’s feverish bass solo brings you to Rio’s thumping Carnivale. The late Baden Powell wrote “Sad Samba”, incongruously, with electrifying zest.

#10 – LVM / Direto Au Assunto – Composed by Nilson Matta. Nilson’s tune is titled and composed with initials for his wife and sons / “To the Point”. The track opens in moody melancholy, bass and guitar sharing the lovely theme. But, at just over two minutes into the music, the Trio takes off with pulsating buoyancy – to the point! Throughout the composition, Nilson has kept the harmonies compelling, even when they burst with energy.

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