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Antonio Adolfo: Tropical Infinito

- CD Reviews

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Antonio Adolfo: Tropical Infinito

Antonio Adolfo on Piano & Arrangements
Jesse Sadoc on Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Marcelo Martins on Tenor Sax and Soprano Sax
Serginho on Trombone
Leo Amuedo on Electric Guitar
Jorge Helder on Double Bass
Rafael Barata on Drums
André Siqueira and Rafael Barata on Percussion
Special Guest: Claudio Spiewak on Acoustic Guitar


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 14, 2016

This CD is one of Antonio Adolfo’s finest, filled with new, original compositions that feature a full horn section, with Jesse Sadoc on trumpet and flugelhorn, Marcelo Martins on saxes, and Serginho on trombone. Completing the album’s band are Leo Amuedo on guitar, Jorge Helder on bass, Rafael Barata on drums and percussion (with André Siqueira), and Claudio Spiewak, special guest, on guitar, with all three of his collaborative tracks mentioned below. This album exudes energy, joy, and pulse. This Rio native bandleader and pianist infuses samba themes with 1960’s jazz echoes, evocative of Miles Davis, the Jazz Messengers, Coltrane, and Bill Evans, whose LP records Mr. Adolfo would listen to with his musician friends, while in his late teens, during that very consequential era in jazz, the 60’s. Of the nine fantastic tracks, four are original tunes, two are by Benny Golson, one by Oliver Nelson, one by Horace Silver, and one by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, a gorgeous standard. Mr. Adolfo’s arrangements are all stunning.

Notable tracks:

#1 – Killer Joe – Composed by Benny Golson. This opening track by Golson takes off like a caravan, with the brass fused into big band intensity. Guest, Claudio Spiewak joins the melée with striking guitar solos, all melodic and magnetic. The listener can hear bits of Brazilian percussion, but this track is imbued with jazzy, feverish brio. At once, you realize Mr. Adolfo is raising the bar for the genre of Brazilian jazz.

#3 – Cascavel (Rattlesnake) – Composed by Antonio Adolfo. We’re now in Rio, when this track opens, with wild tropical percussion, pulsating horns, and rambunctious piano. Bass, guitar, and drums back Mr. Adolfo’s second Golson tribute. This is surely music for today’s biggest clubs, with an electrically charged aura throughout. A dancer could salsa or samba to this clavé-tempo tune, with hints of a festive Carnivale.

#8 – All the Things You Are – Composed by Kern / Hammerstein. What could be more spellbinding than Kern and Hammerstein fused with South American tropics. Mr. Helder on bass marks the opening beat, before Mr. Adolfo bathes the music with rapture. The melded brass trio hints at the dance clubs of yore, white tie and tails. Yet, Mr. Adolfo masterfully adds clavé and bossa tempos at once, followed by Mr. Spiewak’s marvelous guitar solo.

#9 – Luar da Bahia (Moon Over Bahia) – Composed by Antonio Adolfo. Mr. Amuedo, on electric guitar, is generously featured on Mr. Adolfo’s original tune, followed by Mr. Martins on soprano sax, and then Mr. Helder on a deeply drawn bass. The brass, percussion, and drums saturate the final minute with silky, smart sound, ravishing and impressive.

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