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Deborah Shulman: My Heart’s in the Wind

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Deborah Shulman: My Heart’s in the Wind

Deborah Shulman on Vocals
Terry Trotter on Piano
Larry Koonse on Guitar
Ken Wild on Bass
Joe LaBarbera on Drums


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 24, 2016

This CD is a release of a an eloquent 2007 vocal recording by Deborah Shulman and her ensemble of four musicians, Terry Trotter on piano, Larry Koonse on guitar, Ken Wild on bass, and Joe LaBarbera on drums. Ms. Shulman had been under contract with another recording company at the time these songs were recorded, and we are all very fortunate now to have this release. Ms. Shulman’s voice is like a resonant violin, clear, with yearning tonalities. The listener is rewarded time and time again with instrumental solos, most notably on piano and guitar, which capture the essence of the ballad and enhance the track’s poignancy. The liner notes share Ms. Shulman’s reflections on personal loss and the healing quality of music. Overall, the eleven vocal selections on this album exude sophistication, emotionality, and romance.

Notable tracks:

#3 – My Foolish Heart – Composed by Victor Young/Ned Washington. This renowned ballad is sung with languor and earthiness. The undulating vocal style personifies the album cover’s photo of Ms. Shulman walking on the deck of a yacht, above undulating currants, likely an expansive river. Koonse’s generous guitar solo is smooth and melodic, with Trotter opening the track on tantalizing piano. The effect is an aura of romantic solitude.

#5 – My One and Only Love – Composed by Guy Wood/Robert Mellin. Once again the piano introduced the tune, followed by sumptuous, soft vocals and effervescent guitar harmonies. LaBarbera’s whispering brushes and Wild’s breezy bass provide ambient warmth. When the guitar rearranges the theme, playing with individual notes and stretching their keys, Ms. Shulman reappears to imbue the mood with one more stunning, sultry verse.

#7 – Sometime Ago – Composed by Sergio Mihanovich. Here, Ms. Shulman picks up the tempo and tone, considerably, and a piano-vocal conversation ensues. Trotter’s vibrant interlude, with whirling keyboard trills, leads back to an upbeat, swinging rhythm, sung like a Broadway tune. Drums and bass raised their voices, as well.

#11 – Shiver Me Timbers – Composed by Tom Waits. The nautical allusion continues in this final track, with the album’s title found amidst the melancholy lyrics. The song is about sailing away. Perhaps a brief journey, more likely a life-changing goodbye. Ms. Shulman sings Waits’ lyrics of tears of salt water, before a lovely, lyrical piano solo, like the song’s narrator, drifts and sails away, with her “goodbye…written by the moon in the sky”.

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