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Roger Davidson: Te extrano Buenos Aires

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Roger Davidson: Te extraño Buenos Aires

José Luis “Pepe” Motta, pianist/arranger
Andres Linetzky, pianist/arranger
Abel Rogantini, pianist/arranger
Ramiro Gallo, violin
Nicolas Enrich, bandoneón

Produced by Pablo Aslan
Assoc. Producer: Alexandra Aron
Exec. Producer: Roger Davidson

Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Engineer: Fernando Martinez
Mixed and mastered by Luis Bacque


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 31, 2015

This CD is a sumptuous selection of Roger Davidson’s tango compositions, recorded in Buenos Aires in 2013. Pablo Aslan, bassist and longtime collaborator, who also produced this album, chose three pianist-arrangers to record Mr. Davidson’s music on fifteen tracks, five each. The result is a level of consummate professionalism in the tango genre, for dance and listening, thanks to José Luis “Pepe” Motta, Andres Linetzky, and Abel Rogantini. The arranger’s piano, bandoneón (Nicolás Enrich), violin (Ramiro Gallo), and bass (Pablo Aslan) take Mr. Davidson’s tango concepts to seasoned virtuosity. As one who has danced to a multitude of traditional and contemporary tangos, and who has attended a multitude of tango milongas (socials) and productions, I found this music to be spellbinding, while the rhythms for dance are masterfully designed. Each of the fifteen tracks is unique, with some featuring expansive, solo piano passages with luxuriant melodies. Every fan of the tango repertoire and every tanguero should experience this polished album.

Notable tracks:
All compositions by Roger Davidson.

#2 – Fin de Semana (“Weekend”) – Arranged by A. Linetzky. This sinewy, sultry tango has a pronounced rhythm that could be danced in a fanciful, upbeat milonga style or traditional tango, with Mr. Gallo’s eloquent violin theme, shared with Mr. Linetzky’s piano. When the piano takes the theme, with Mr. Aslan’s seamlessly punctuated bass, we eventually hear an amazing, rapid keyboard melody, which matches, in detail, refined tango footwork. This album is a must for international tango DJ’s.

#3 – Recuerdo De Un Amor (“Memory of Love”) – Arranged by J. L. Motta. On this track, Mr. Motta has infused evocations of Astor Piazzolla’s style, with whipping violin flashes, impassioned, dramatic piano, Mr. Enrich’s searing bandoneón, and Mr. Aslan’s dynamic bass. Mr. Motta uses vivacity and poignancy in his interpretation and arrangements. In the finale, the bandoneón holds its notes endlessly in space, while the violin expands its flourish.

#5 – Tango Para Ella (“Tango for Her”) – Arranged by A. Linetzky. Each of Mr. Davidson’s compositions has plush melody and momentum. Here the violin expresses Mr. Gallo’s artistry, with intense rapture. The dance tempo is strikingly versatile, for all levels of mastery, particularly in a swirling piano solo. Mr. Linetzky has generously devoted much of this arrangement to his colleagues.

#10 – Quién Es Mi Amor (“Who Is My Love”) – Arranged by A. Rogantini. This dreamlike track is devoted to Mr. Rogantini’s piano solos and Mr. Enrich’s yearning bandoneón. The tempo of this tune has been arranged for languor and longing. Mr. Rogantini adds romanticized expansiveness in the instrumental spotlights. Roger Davidson’s songs and dances are conceived in the tradition of tango, as music of love and loss.

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