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Giancarlo Mazzu and Luciano Troja: Tasting Beauty

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Giancarlo Mazzù and Luciano Troja: Tasting Beauty

Giancarlo Mazzù on Guitar
Luciano Troja on Piano

Produced by G. Mazzù and L. Troja
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Wombat Recording Co.
Recording engineer: Ross Bonadonna
Mixing and mastering: Alessandro Luvarà,
Spain Audio Studio, Molochio, Italy

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 31, 2015

This CD is an enchanting compilation of original compositions by a seasoned musical duo, Giancarlo Mazzù and Luciano Troja, from Messina, Sicily. I first met Giancarlo and Luciano in 2009, when I reviewed them at The Metropolitan Room, in concert, then again in 2011, when I reviewed them at Banjo Jim’s, and also in 2013, when I reviewed them at Spectrum. It was on that 2013 trip to New York that Luciano and Giancarlo recorded this album in Brooklyn. This is truly contemplative and reflective music, played with warmth and style, that puts you, the listener, immediately at ease, wrapping yourself in luxurious, luminous tones. Each of the ten tracks is uniquely composed, four by each musician, and two by both. Both Luciano and Giancarlo perform in each original tune. On a cold winter night, you’ll be transported to sunny Sicily, with Tasting Beauty lighting up your evening.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Quando Amavamo l’America – Composed by Luciano Troja. This composition by Luciano explores his love of America. The music opens with echoing, introductory phrases, piano and guitar, followed by a solo piano theme, in soft melody. The guitar appears with its own swirling theme, and then Luciano completes the tune with intertwining guitar ornamentations.

#4 – Qui – Composed by Luciano Troja. This track is evocative of Fellini films, with an upbeat, quasi-comical pulse. It has a deliberate introduction that propels the theme like a bouncing ball toward fate, with fascinating, ever so atonal passages. Luciano’s piano carries the first minutes of this tune, before Giancarlo’s guitar stretches the theme inside out with fanciful effects.

#7 – Natural Wisdom – Composed by Giancarlo Mazzù. Giancarlo’s guitar leads this tune with its contemporary, sometimes dissonant theme. It’s ethereal and surreal, as the highest pitched string tone whispers in quiet space, before Luciano’s muted piano joins for a fluid, tonal, conversation finale. The music inspires thoughts of forestial streams and fauna.

#9 – Village Flowers – Composed by Giancarlo Mazzù. This composition is a rambunctious, joyful, musical romp, with both Luciano and Giancarlo showcasing virtuosic solos. The guitar solo is rapid and intriguing, played in parallel fashion with the supportive piano chords that create their own theme. This music is mesmerizing and stunning.

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