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Bob McChesney: Chez Sez

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Bob McChesney: Chez Sez
2015: MoCo Records

Bob McChesney on Trombone
Larry Goldings on Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Darek Oles on Bass
Bill Stewart on Drums
Bob Mintzer on Tenor Sax

Produced by Bob McChesney
Recorded by Michael Aarvold
Mixed by Steve Genewick
Mastered by Rob McMaster at Capitol Mastering

Press: Lisa Hirschfield,

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 31, 2015

This CD is a combination of McChesney compositions, with and without a co-composer, as well as standards, like Jerome Kern’s “Yesterdays”. Bob McChesney, a versatile trombonist and composer, includes rapid, atonal trombone riffs, as well as poignant, bluesy, languorous tracks. His personal compositions have edge and energy. In addition to the four-person band, Bob Mintzler appears on tenor sax on five of the eleven tracks. Mr. McChesney’s pianist, Larry Goldings, who also plays Hammond B3 organ, has contributed solo and shared compositions on three tracks, one featured below.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Naturally – Composed by Nat Adderley. This melodic tune showcases Mr. McChesney’s smooth trombone on the lead theme, with Mr. Goldings on piano, Bill Stewart on drums, and Darek Oles on bass. Mr. McChesney builds momentum and verve, before handing the theme to Mr. Goldings on rhythmic piano solo and chordal ornamentations. Then, Mr. McChesney takes the theme back, within a scintillating piano-trombone conversation.

#7 – In Your Own Sweet Way – Composed by Dave Brubeck. This Brubeck tune is performed here in similar fashion to the second track. Mr. McChesney takes the theme on trombone, in a Hammond B3 organ conversation with Mr. Goldings. The mood is mellow, mellifluous, and meandering. Mr. Goldings gets a generous solo, where drums and bass are more prominent, but still subdued.

#9 – Going Back – Composed by Bob McChesney and Larry Goldings. Mr. Mintzler, on tenor sax, fuses with Mr. McChesney’s trombone for a two-tone theme, embellished by trombone flourishes and then a deeper exploration of the main theme. Percussive cymbals are more prominent, when the trombone goes it alone. This track, an original composition, has its roots in the aura of the album’s earlier-dated standards.

#11 – Love for Sale – Composed by Cole Porter. This final track has a stronger, jazzy tempo, with trombone handing the upbeat theme to piano, and drums and bass constantly in combined, understated fusion. There’s no moody pathos here, in this Porter standard, but rather retro swing and romanticism. The trombone races rambunctiously to the finish.

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