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Andrea Brachfeld: Into the World: A Musical Offering

- CD Reviews

Andrea Brachfeld: Into the World: A Musical Offering
2008 Shaneye Records

Andrea Brachfeld on Flutes
Robert Quaranta on Piano
Elio Villafranca on Piano
Mike Longo on Piano
Andy Eulau on Bass
Paul West on Bass
Kim Plainfield on Drums
Diego Lopez on Drums
Wilson “Chembo” Corniel on Congas
Claudette Sierra on Vocals
Flor Urrutia on Vocals
Jesse Asher on Vocals
Brian Lynch on Trumpet
Bill O’Connell, String Arrangements

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 15, 2008

This CD is uniquely Latin Jazz with improvisational elements from Andrea Brachfeld’s scintillating flutes. Ms. Brachfeld has invited some of the renowned Latin Jazz artists to collaborate on her compositions, such as “Chembo” Corniel on congas and Elio Villafranca on piano. The music is impressive, fused with Latin dance rhythms, like Cha Cha and Son, and you won’t sit still for long, listening to this South of the Border ensemble. One track is composed by Bob Quaranta Publishing.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Mambo Yo – Composed by Andrea Brachfeld. Congas then percussion languorously lead into this rapturous theme with inviting rhythms. Ms. Brachfeld’s flute takes a contrasting dynamic to the moody piano, that soon captures the lead in a Mambo styled composition. It becomes apparent that this music could potentially score Modern Latin-Infused Dance.

#5 – Cha Cha Blue – Composed by Andrea Brachfeld. Piano and flute lead this sultry, sensual piece through solid dance music, a real cha cha, replete with Latin percussion and instrumentation. The persuasive Latin motifs made this track my favorite, and Elio Villafranca’s solos and “Chembo” Corniel’s accompaniment lent emphatic authenticity.

#10 – Desperado – Composed by Andrea Brachfeld. A Samba weaves through this track, thanks to piano and congas, and all the while Ms. Brachfeld’s flute dances with Brazilian bravura. Ms. Brachfeld is obviously talented in a variety of musical genres, adding a classical phrase, then a phrase of jazz. The Afro-Cuban influences from piano and congas are generous and pulsating.

#12 – Descarga del Mundo – Composed by Andrea Brachfeld. This track opens with playful Cuban vocals, followed by Ms. Brachfeld on flute, in a rippling waterfall of notes. A conversation of repetitive chants and flute responses engages the listener, just as Brian Lynch on trumpet adds a soaring Latin dimension. A long piano-conga duo enhances this piece as well.

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