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Livia Devereux: Night Winds Whisper
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Livia Devereux: Night Winds Whisper

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Livia Devereux: Night Winds Whisper

Livia Devereux on Vocals
Sarah Jane Cion on Piano
Phil Palombi, Michael Goetz on Bass
Kirk Devereux on Drums
Ole Mathisen on Tenor Sax
John Walsh on Trumpet
Chris Washburne on Trombone
Robin Pitre on Piano
Sami Merdinian, Sergio R. Reyes on Violins
Mark Holloway on Viola
Jisoo Ok on Cello
Matt Nelson on Finger Snaps
Brian McCormick on Guitar


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 27, 2014

This CD is a simply marvelous series of renowned and rare ballads, featuring Livia Devereux on stunning vocals, with guest artists on string and brass ensembles. With each track uniquely arranged, familiar tunes take on entirely new sound and robust musicality. Ms. Devereux sings with lusty expressiveness, on tunes by Sammy Cahn, Johnny Mercer, and Cole Porter, to mention a few. I found the string ensemble accompaniment to be especially transporting and lush, while the brass ensemble was especially jazzy.

Notable tracks:

#2 – You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To – Composed by C. Porter. With an extensive trumpet solo by John Walsh, joined by Ole Mathisen on tenor sax and Chris Washburne on trombone, Livia Devereux’ lovely vocals give way to a brassy interlude. Sarah Jane Cion, on piano, Phil Palombi on bass, and Kirk Devereux on drums give the track persistent pulse and swing. Ms. Devereux sings with a retro-styled, cabaret professionalism, making each tune important.

#4 – Welcome To My Love – Composed by S. Cahn/B. Schluger. With a spellbinding string ensemble of Sami Merdinian and Sergio R. Reyes on violins, Mark Holloway on viola, and Jisoo Ok on cello, plus piano accompaniment by Robin Pitre, Ms. Devereux sings with impassioned languor. Her every lyric matches with the expansive string tempo. This is concert grade performance.

#6 – Never Let Me Go – Composed by J.W. Scott. The string ensemble on this lovely ballad is stretched with the addition of Brian McCormick on guitar, making the orchestral effect even richer. With drums, bass (Michael Goetz), and piano (Robin Pitre) added to the mix, the track is evocative of ballroom styled foxtrot.

#7 – You’ve Changed – Composed by B. Carey/C. Fischer. On this streamlined track, no brass or string ensemble, Phil Palombi has a solo bass riff, smooth and serene, to enhance Ms. Devereux’ sultry song. Sarah Jane Cion is on piano, with Kirk Devereux, as always, on drums. This recording is filled with moonlight and serenade.

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