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Grupo Saveiro: Pagode In New York

- CD Reviews

Shon 45 Wines & Spirits
(Shon 45 Wines Web Page)
840 8th Ave (50th-51st)
New York, NY 10019

Mon - Thurs 10AM - 11PM
Fri - Sat 10AM - 11:30PM
Sun 12PM - 9PM

Grupo Saveiro: Pagode In New York

Carlos Almeida on Cavaquinho
César Vieira on Tantan
Jorjão Silva on Pandeiro
Dionísio Santos on Violão
Hélio Schiavo on Bateria

Alceu Maia on Arranjo, Cavaquinho, Banjo
Tutuca Borba on Piano and Teclados
Jamil Joanes on Baixo
Marcos Esguleba on Surdo
Ovidio Brito on Cuica
Marcelinho and Rogerinho on Percussão
Pedro Saint Germain, Ronaldo Barcellos,
Ari Bispo, Valdir Silva, and Grupo Saveiro on Coro


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 27, 2014

This CD is truly authentic Brazilian Samba, for dancing and listening. You will be transported to Rio as soon as the first track opens. I met this group in 2007, when I was curating the “Jazz in the Sky” series at the former Terrace in the Sky restaurant, uptown New York, near Columbia University. The five-man band was a huge success, chosen for this event by Cantaloupe Music Productions, which provides Brazilian bands for all kinds of special events and gigs. Discovering I had not featured their CD yet, on this page, I am making space for this magnetic music now. Grupo Saveiro’s music won’t let you sit still.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Seda do Bombom – Composed by S. Benchimol/A. Maia. This track is energized Brazilian Samba, rapidly rhythmic, with repeated refrains. This is pure party music, full of life and fun, and the group’s vocals, with percussive instrumentation (links to Brazilian Samba and Samba instruments are here.), transport you to Carnivale.

#5 – Oração à Lua – Composed by S. Mingau/Franco. Once again, the chorus and musicians become a chanting, pulsating orchestra, lively, lyrical, and exotic. There’s sing-able melody in these songs, but the tempos are so pronounced that you’ll be jiving and bouncing with the band. Dancers in tall crowns and feathered capes come to mind.

#6 – To Ligado Nela – Composed by J. Silva. Band member, Jorjão Silva, who plays pandeiro, a hand drum with a bell, composed this song. It’s a fantastic, feverish tune, with tropical, tonal imagery and a full chorus of chants, whistles, and bells. This music must be heard (even better in live performance) to be appreciated.

#10 – Lady Black – Composed by A. Maia/T. Nascimento. Piano and stringed instruments are featured here, in a melodic and slightly subdued track. Guest artist, Alceu Maia, is one of the composers, and the cavaquinho (small stringed instrument, in the guitar family) is a listed instrument.

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