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The Curtis Brothers: Completion of Proof
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The Curtis Brothers: Completion of Proof

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The Curtis Brothers: Completion of Proof
2011 Truth Revolution Records

Zaccai Curtis on Piano
Luques Curtis on Bass
Ralph Peterson on Drums
Brian Lynch on Trumpet
Donald Harrison, Joe Ford on Alto Saxophones
Jimmy Greene on Tenor Saxophone
Pedro Martinez on Bata
Rogerio Boccato on Brazilian Percussion
Reinaldo De Jesus on Barriles

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 30, 2014

See a review of the CD release event at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola

All tracks composed and arranged by Zaccai Curtis

This CD has high powered musicality, with four guests on brass and four on drums and percussion. This electrically charged album of Zaccai Curtis’ compositions features Zaccai on piano and his brother, Luques, on bass. The liner notes share the cultural and socio-political issues that impacted and influenced Zaccai’s music. These brothers have studied and analyzed history and threaded the resulting emotions into the rhythms and themes. See a link above to read about a 2011 “After Hours” jazz event that initially introduced this music. This intriguing album brings back memories of that live performance.

Notable tracks:

#1 – Protestor - The guest on this track is Donald Harrison on alto sax, who joins with Brian Lynch on trumpet for a brassy conversation and solos all around. Zaccai Curtis on piano has created strong chords to imbue the trumpet-sax fervor with sharp harmony. Atonality runs rampant, in the best possible musicality, to make this sound contemporary and cool. Liner notes by Zaccai Curtis allude to the protestor in China, who stood up to the tanks. Each track reveals the composer’s personal inspiration.

#5 – Mass Manipulation - This gorgeous track has Rogerio Boccato on Brazilian percussion, with tingling, swishing effects. Joe Ford is on alto sax with Jimmy Greene on tenor sax. Both saxes and trumpet merge for energized sound, while Lucques Curtis’ bass has its own moody spotlight. This album has mesmerizing edge. Zaccai Curtis notes the influence for this track as the mainstream media. He follows brassy refrains with shimmering, vibrating percussion.

#6 – Manifest Destiny - Zaccai lists this piece as Part 3 of his “Manifest Destiny Suite”, with track #4 as Part I, and track #5, above, as Part 2. Its inspiration for the composer is Imperialism and public apathy. Ralph Peterson’s drums are joined by Pedro Martinez’ bata percussion. Once again Joe Ford and Jimmy Greene are respectively on alto and tenor sax. The latter minutes of this track present magnetic, echoing notes from piano and bata. They build hypnotically, before piano, trumpet, and saxes repeat the refrain with their own echoing finale.

#7 – Sol Within - On this track, Renaldo De Jesus joins on barriles, Latin percussive instruments shaped like barrels. Donald Harrison joins in on alto sax. The title inspiration is the sun, with “sol” its Spanish equivalent. A splendid trumpet solo enhances this music, with the alto sax fusing for a mellow minute. In fact, this track has a more soulful, calm theme than most. The music here is infused with Latin clavé. Lucques and Zaccai on vivacious bass and piano, with Mr. Peterson and Mr. Lynch on ebullient bass and trumpet, make this my favorite track, with its special vibrancy.

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