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Dolores Scozzesi: A Special Taste

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Cooper's Tavern

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New York, New York 10001

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Dolores Scozzesi: A Special Taste

Eli Brueggemann, Gary Fukushima on Piano
Tim Emmons, Carter Wallace on Bass
David Derge, Miles Senzaki on Drums
Goh Kurosawa, Grant Geissman on Guitars
Bob Sheppard on Flute
Charlie Bisharat on Violin
Nolan Shaheed on Coronet
Dave Bass on Saxophone

Produced by Mark Winkler


July 20, 2014

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 30, 2014

This CD is an eclectic selection of ballads, contemporary compositions, and two Bob Dylan tunes. Dolores Scozzesi brings an ensemble on piano, bass, drums, guitars, flute, violin, coronet, and saxophone. Dave Bass, on sax, played a moody, mellow solo on “Stay Out of the Moonlight” (T. Culver/E. Joy), track #9, not mentioned below for space reasons. In addition, Charlie Bisharat played a vivacious and vibrant violin on Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee”, track #2. Miles Senzaki, on drums, and Carter Wallace, on bass, were both featured on “My One and Only Love” (G. Wood/R. Mellin), track #4. Also, Bob Sheppard’s flute solo on “You Fascinate Me So” (C. Coleman/C. Leigh), track #1, was upbeat and tropical, collaborating with Eli Brueggemann on Hammond organ. Ms. Scozzesi belts a few, croons a few, and even throws in some vocalese. Having two musicians shifting between four featured instruments gives the album additional nuance and originality.

Notable tracks:

#3 –Just Like a Woman - Composed by Bob Dylan. I chose these four tracks to match the vocal highlights of this album. Dolores Scozzesi sang this Dylan ballad with soul and warmth, capturing the romanticism and resonance of the tone. A muted coronet could be heard in the distance, beckoning the unfolding lyrics. Gary Fukushima accompanies on piano, with Goh Kurosawa on guitar, David Derge on drums, and Tim Emmons on bass. The guitar was featured to accentuate the uncluttered simplicity of the track, with the other instrumentals as background.

#5 –When Did You Leave Heaven – Composed by R. Whiting/W. Bullock. On this track, the vocals stood aside much of the track to showcase Tim Emmons on bass, Eli Brueggemann on piano, and Grant Geissman on guitar. David Derge on drums added brushes and pulse throughout, with a full flourish at the finale. Ms. Scozzesi’s vocals were truly engaging, with some scat toward the final moments.

#8–I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter – Composed by F. Ahler/J. Young. Nolan Shaheed, on coronet, plays a resounding coronet in a duo with Ms. Scozzesi, in her most astounding track on the album. Here she shows her wide range and vocal power, making the most of this tune. With Eli Brueggemann on piano, David Derge on drums, and Tim Emmons on bass, added to the coronet, the ensemble sounded like a New Orleans marching band, full of spice and sass.

#10 –Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes – Composed by J. Kosma/J. Prevert/J. Mercer. The final track is eloquent, with only a guitar vocal duo in the expansive spotlight. The Grant Geissman arrangement, with the arranger on guitar, was stunning. The introduction was sung in French, shifting to English, sung in a wide vocal range with yearning and depth.

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