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Joe Baione: Oh Yeah!

- CD Reviews

Joe Baione: Oh Yeah!
2008 (Joe Baione Web Page)

Produced by Todd Barkan
Joe Baione on Vibraphone and Marimba
Jorge Castro on Tenor Sax
Andrae Murchison on Trombone
Toru Dodo on Piano
Corcoran Holt on Bass
Jerome Jennings on Drums

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 15, 2008

This CD is eclectically designed, with compositions mostly by Joe Baione, and a few by Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Lem Winchester, and Milt Jackson. Each track has its own sound and style, with vivacious vibes or marimba, and an occasional explosion of brass, percussion, and bass. Once in awhile, there’s also a melancholy mood, surprisingly mixed in the selection. I chose Baione’s own compositions to comment on below, as each has unique rhythm and musicality.

Notable tracks:

#3 – The Stranger – Composed by Joe Baione. This track breathes mystery in tones that echo in fused instrumentation. Baione’s vibes and Murchison’s trombone take off with deep drama, before Castro’s sax comes in with a more rapid, atonal dimension.

#5 – "J” Bossa – Composed by Joe Baione. This piece features each artist independently, with six merging solos. Toru Dodo’s piano passages accent the Bossa Nova tones against Baione’s vibes, all the while creating a soothing, sultry mood. Jorge Castro’s tenor sax and Corcoran Holt’s bass have their own melting interpretations, with each instrument expanding on the other.

#7 – Coconut Island – Composed by Joe Baione. Again, each instrument, including Baione on marimba this time, is featured in a rolling tribute to Caribbean culture. The marimba evokes surreal, sensual imagery, and Andrae Murchison’s trombone passage is especially appealing.

#9 – Oh Yeah!!! – Composed by Joe Baione. This title track has two versions, and here it’s straight jazz, with a hint of Swing. The brass take s a rest, and piano, drums, bass, and vibes take off on a wild ride of improvisational excellence, in upbeat, driven tones. Jerome Jennings has his solos, and these solos truly sizzle. Oh Yeah!!! is an explosive performance piece.

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