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Gabriele Tranchina: The Old Country

- CD Reviews

Gabriele Tranchina: The Old Country
(Gabriele Tranchina Website)

Gabriele Tranchina on Vocals; Joe Vincent Tranchina on Piano
Paul Gill on Bass; Rob Garcia on Drums
Noriko Ueda on Bass; Vanderlei Pereira on Drums
Vito Lesczak on Drums

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 7, 2008

(See Gabriele Tranchina at Enzo’s Jazz)

This CD is one of the most enchanting and melodic selections of American and Brazilian ballads, plus new compositions, that I’ve heard I some time. Gabriele Tranchina on vocals and her husband, Joe Vincent Tranchina on piano and arrangements, work these tracks with unique interpretations and attention to mood. In fact, the music, enhanced with bass and drums by five different guests, created its own Club ambiance.

Notable tracks:

#3 –Samba Do Aviao – Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Ms. Tranchina uses impassioned effects to emphasize the romanticism of the Portuguese lyrics and sultry Brazilian rhythms. Joe Vincent Tranchina, Noriko Ueda, and Vito Lesczak take a long piano, bass, and drum riff, before Ms. Tranchina returns for an even mellower finale.

#4 – The Old Country – Composed by N. Adderly/C. Lewis. In advance of a slight swing beat, Joe Vincent Tranchina opens the title track in tip-toe notes. Ms. Tranchina soon enunciates each lyric with soul, amidst a solo bass riff by Paul Gill, accompanied by Rob Garcia on drums.

#7 – I Have the Feeling I’ve Been Here Before – Composed by Roger Kellaway/Marilyn and Alan Bergman. Roger Kellaway has been interviewed and reviewed frequently in this magazine, and this composition (with lyrics by the Bergman team) in foxtrot rhythm, has sincere tonal elegance and charming articulation, all of which compliment Ms. Tranchina’s touching talent. Noriko Ueda and Vanderlei Pereira join in on bass and drums.

#9 – Angel Eyes – Composed by Matt Denis. This track, one of my favorite songs, begins a cappella and then is joined by piano, for simplified sensuality. In fact, there are solo piano passages as well, a lovely and languorous close to the recording.

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