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Hector Martignon: Refugee

- CD Reviews

Hector Martignon: Refugee
(Hector Martignon Website)

Hector Martignon on Piano and Vocals; Kenny Barron on Electric Piano
Edgardo Miranda on Guitar; Mark Whitfield on Guitar
Justin Quinn on Guitar; Richard Bona on Bass
John Benitez on Bass; Matt Garrison on Bass
Eddie Gomez on Bass; Willard Dyson on Drums
Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez on Drums; Dafnis Prieto on Drums
Jeff “Tain” Watts on Drums; Samuel Torres on Percussion
Roberto Quintero on Percussion; Sammy Figueroa on Percussion

Press: Jim Eigo:

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 7, 2008

This Grammy nominated CD is cool, contemporary jazz, with fused percussion, piano, and strings. Martignon has composed all but two tracks, and he brings some stars into the mix, like Eddie Gomez, Kenny Barron, Richard Bona, and Dafnis Prieto. The remaining musicians of the ensemble of 16 bring straight jazz and Latin clavé experience, so Refugee grabs the listener.

Notable tracks:

#1 –Refugee – Composed by Hector Martignon. Martignon opens the recording with this energetic title track, infused with pulsating piano waterfalls and Edgardo Miranda on guitar. Richard Bona plays bass, and Samuel Torres builds the rhythm with his expert Latin percussion. Justin Quinn adds an occasional guitar solo and ends the track with over-the-top ornamentations.

#4 – Beauty Sleep – Composed by Hector Martignon. This track is more melodic with a buoyant theme throughout. Martignon takes generous keyboard solos, backed by Eddie Gomez’ seasoned bass. Jeff “Tain” Watts sits in on explosive drums, while Sammy Figueroa adds Latin percussion. This music becomes contagious and charismatic.

#6 – Tomorrow’s Past – Composed by Hector Martignon. Samuel Torres and Edgardo Miranda are featured on this track in mesmerizing percussion-guitar duos. All the while, Martignon’s piano and Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez’ drums spark staccato rhythms, in supportive resonance.

#7 – You Won’t Forget Me – Composed by F. Spielman. Mark Whitfield and Matt Garrison are featured on guitar and bass, with Whitfield playing a breezy guitar ballad in conversation with Martignon on piano. Dafnis Prieto seems to have his own secondary conversation with Garrison, in solos and duos, but the music remains uncluttered with creative interpretation.

Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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