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Nanny Assis: Double Rainbow

- CD Reviews

Nanny Assis: Double Rainbow

Featuring: Nanny Assis on Vocals and Percussion
With Michael Leonhart, Eumir Deodato, Oriente Lopez on Piano
Oriente Lopez on Accordion
Guilherme Monteiro on Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Romero Lubambo, Michael Leonhart, and Nanny Assis on Acoustic Guitar
John Patitucci, Sergio Brandao, Michael Leonhart on Bass
Paolo Braga, Nanny Assis on Drums
Marivaldo Dos Santos, Marcio Sapel-Cuica on Percussion
Oriente Lopez, Jorge Continentino on Flute
Erik Friedlander on Cello
Pedro Ramos on Cavaquinho
Michael Leonhart on Trumpet


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 7, 2007

This CD is a selection of traditional Brazilian Sambas, a standard or two, plus a few original Sambas, all fused with vocals and a widely eclectic ensemble on such instruments as cello, accordion, cavaquinho, and flute. The result is spirituality with romantic gestures, all sung in native Portuguese and accompanied by the fine artists above in solos and combinations. The renowned guitarist, Romero Lubambo, collaborates on one of the tracks with seasoned success.

Notable tracks:

#6 –Mas Que Nada – Composed by Jorge Ben. This track stands out for its background vocals and driven Brazilian genre, as it transports the listener to a corner of Rio. Marivaldo Dos Santos’ Brazilian percussion is especially contagious, along with Oriente Lopez’ flute. Nanny Assis plays percussion and created sensational, blended sound here.

#12 – Salsinha Dali Tutu – Composed by Nanny Assis. Oriente Lopez’ lengthy flute solo enhances this track, soaring and seamless, while the percussion creates exotic embellishments. The featured instrumentation is the highlight of this track.

#13 – A Kiss from a Rose – Composed by Seal. Eric Friedlander’s cello solo gives depth and fascination to this elegant track. Michael Leonhart, on trumpet, enhances the mood, as his notes transcend the sumptuous background vocals with persuasive punctuation.

#14 – Passarim – Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This track is a prayer for the preservation of nature, and it opens with a bird call. Oriente Lopez’ accordion gives the track Latin verve and nuance, while piano and flute provide the texture requisite to a Brazilian standard.

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