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"Romantic Trapezoid", by Victor Cahn, at the Lion Theatre
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"Romantic Trapezoid", by Victor Cahn, at the Lion Theatre

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Rachel Reiner Productions, LLG

Romantic Trapezoid
By Victor Cahn
Directed by Alberto Bonilla

At the
Lion Theatre
Theatre Row
(Theatre Row Website)
410 West 42nd Street

Zack Calhoon, Joy Donze, Elizabeth Inghram

Set Design: Sheryl Liu
Costume Design: Viviane Galloway
Lighting Design: Pamela Kupper
Sound Design: Nick Simone
Stage Manager: Jasmin Sanchez
Production Manager: Jenna R. Lazar
Casting Consultant: Stephanie Klapper Casting
Press Representative: JTPR/Joe Trentacosta

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 8, 2017

This adorable, retro romantic caper, written by Victor Cahn, who has been favorably reviewed on these pages, was gorgeously presented in a production at Theatre Row, directed by the capable Alberto Bonilla. There is no diffuse or detailed plot, but rather a triangle of two women to one-man relationships. Zack Calhoon, as Dave, is (or isn’t) involved with his assistant, Beth (Joy Donze), while seriously, or maybe not, involved with Melissa (Elizabeth Inghram). It plays like a sitcom, but for an early-season, Off-Broadway play, it was engaging and lovely to observe. Sheryl Liu’s urban set design draws the eye and imagination, especially the well-stocked kitchen and the closet of satiny attire. Bonilla keeps the actors in 40’s-ish, swell and sassy personas, and Dr. Cahn (Professor Emeritus at Skidmore) presents a highly entertaining series of vignettes. Phone calls, baggage, inter-character bets, jealousies, and enigmatic lust both mesh and collide in three scenes evocative of 50’s films, à la Lucille Ball et al.

Characters abandon, then seize the upper hand, as the plot unwinds in Melissa’s one-bedroom, Manhattan apartment, in this one-act play, time set in July, “not long ago”. Pamela Kupper’s lighting is professional and warm, and Nick Simone’s sound is crisp, within this intimate theater. Viviane Galloway’s costumes are critical to the silken, sinewy Melissa’s seduction of her lover, Dave, and to the sexy, youthful Beth’s seduction, actual or faux, of her mentor. Victor Cahn’s second act as a playwright, after writing fifteen books, mostly on Shakespeare, after a notable career as an English Professor at Skidmore College, and after penning numerous articles and reviews in literary magazines, is tremendously impressive. Kudos to all.

Zack Calhoon, Elizabeth Inghram, Joy Donze
in Victor Cahn's "Romantic Trapezoid"
Courtesy of Hunter Canning

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