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The Roundabout Theatre Company Production of "Significant Other" at the Booth Theatre
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The Roundabout Theatre Company Production of "Significant Other" at the Booth Theatre

- Backstage with the Playwrights

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Jeffrey Richards, Roundabout Theatre Company
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The Roundabout Theatre Company Production of:
Significant Other

By Joshua Harmon
Directed by Trip Cullman

Gideon Glick, John Behlmann, Sas Goldberg
Rebecca Naomi Jones, Lindsay Mendez, Luke Smith
and Barbara Barrie

At the
Booth Theatre
222 West 45th Street

Scenic Design: Mark Wendland
Costume Design: Kaye Voyce
Lighting Design: Japhy Weideman
Sound Design: Daniel Kluger
Choreographer: Sam Pinkleton
Casting: Carrie Gardner, CSA
Press Representative: Alana Karpoff, Rachael Singer
Company Manager: Bruce Klinger
Production Management: Aurora Productions
Advertising/Website: AKA
Production Stage Manager: Samantha Watson
General Management: Richards/Climan, Inc.

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 22, 2017

Joshua Harmon’s new play, Significant Other, presented by the Roundabout Theatre Company, left me wishing for a rerun of “Sex and the City”, with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and their two gay male friends, Stanford and Anthony. But, alas, Gideon Glick, as Jordan Berman, a single gay man longing for a life partner, and his three best friends, all straight women, who marry, one by one, leaving him finally to dance with himself at the third wedding party, were just a bore. Even worse than boring, Sas Goldberg, as Kiki, one of the three, has a provocative, early scene where she shows the audience she may have needed a restroom prior to finishing dialogue. This is the coarse level of some of Mr. Harmon’s tedious dialogue. Good humor does not need profanity or body talk. Jordan waxes rhapsodic about his sexual fantasies for a co-worker, Will (John Behlmann), before and after his lackluster date. Boyfriends come and go, all around, and wedding gowns and veils, as well, for Kiki, Vanessa (Rebecca Naomi Jones), and Laura (Lindsay Mendez).

The one relationship that creates convincing and poignant scenes is that between Jordan and his grandmother, Helene Berman (Barbara Barrie). Helene, who lives alone, frequently receives Jordan, always showing him the same, framed family photos of meaningful events. These photos shape their memory and conversation. Jordan also manages Helene’s daily pills. These duo conversations could be the kernel of an interesting new play. Luke Smith plays an unpopular, gay co-worker who laughs too much, filling out the cast, with Mr. Behlmann and Mr. Smith adding additional characters here and there. Mr. Glick is an artist to watch, and he deserves a more nuanced role with layers of interest and revelations. In Significant Other, each scene is practically described before it occurs. Jordan’s various date fantasies, including his advance, erotic dreams, leave nothing to wait for. They’ve already, on some level, been hashed over. I should note that Mr. Behlmann and Mr. Smith, playing gay dates, as well as grooms of three weddings, deserve kudos for quick changes and versatility of character.

Mark Wendland’s scenic design, with space for Jordan’s office, Helene’s apartment, the women’s apartments and wedding spaces, plus a patio for outdoor conversation, is remarkable. Kaye Voyce was busy with wedding lace and veils, and Japhy Weideman shifts lighting with ease in day-twilight-indoor-outdoor scenes. Daniel Kluger’s sound design keeps the dialogue and Jordan’s impressive monologue crisp and clear. Trip Cullman has directed this play, that began at The Laura Pels, with what he had at hand, in the often redundant script. Sam Pinkleton designed the wedding dance choreographies as well as some contemporary hop for the friends.

Gideon Glick, Rebecca Naomi Jones,
Sas Goldberg and Lindsay Mendez
in "Significant Other"
Courtesy of Joan Marcus

Barbara Barrie and Gideon Glick
in "Significant Other"
Courtesy of Joan Marcus

Luke Smith and Gideon Glick
in "Significant Other"
Courtesy of Joan Marcus

For more information, contact Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower at