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Pipe Dream Theatre Presents "3 Ghosts", Based on Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol"
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Pipe Dream Theatre Presents "3 Ghosts", Based on Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol"

- Backstage with the Playwrights

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Pipe Dream Theatre
(Pipe Dream Theatre Website)

3 Ghosts
Based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Music by Collin Simon
Lyrics by Liz Muller
Book by Liz Muller and Collin Simon

Directed and Musical Directed by Liz Muller

At the
Beckett Theatre
(Theatre Row Website)
410 West 42nd Street

Michael Macagnone, Elio Lleo, Joseph Bellino, Kevin Hurley,
Jennifer Aviles, Bethany Karpowitz, Daniel McCormick,
Alex Parrish, Lesley Zlabinger, Julia Di Lorenzo, Liz Muller,
Maddie Tucci, Anthony Massa, Jillian Moran, Michael Apollo Stevens,
Vanessa Price, Brady Lynch, Laurrice Monnae, Leah Cornish,
Michael Kopplin, Ariel Brisman, Brigid Martin, Katherine Murphy, Rachel Moody, Megan Rose Margiotti, Nicole Finnegan, Gianna Mingino, Danielle Moreau, Diana Pettersen, Cassandra Prickett, Stefanie Raccuglia, Kim Ceccotti, Marissa Brozier,
Aaron Copernicus Souza, Matt Rodriguez

Set Design: Peter Muller
Costume Design: Liz Muller and Vanessa Price
Lighting Programmer: Stephanie Goldman
Sound Design: Collin Simon
Produced by: Stephanie Goldman, Liz Muller, Collin Simon
Press: Emily Owens PR
Score Performed by Collin Simon
Choreography by Danielle Moreau and Stefanie Raccuglia
Stage Manager: Stephanie Goldman

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
December 22, 2011

Liz Muller and Collin Simon have created an adorable, family-friendly musical, based on the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. An expansive ensemble, listed above, fills the Beckett Theatre with pulsating music and engaging songs. Both Mr. Simon and Ms. Muller wrote the book, while Mr. Simon added music to Ms. Muller’s lyrics. Elio Lleo stars as Ebenezer Scrooge, and he’s a pro, pulling the young ensemble together in scenes of buoyant, blazing song. Other characters of note are Michael Macagnone as Jacob Marley, Joseph C. Bellino as Bob Cratchit, Megan Rose Margiotti as Tiny Tim (a thoughtful decision, as this young girl has an eloquent voice), Anthony Massa as Young Ebenezer, Liz Muller as Ghost of Christmas Past, Laurrice Monnae as Ghost of Christmas Present, and a full grouping as Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Ms. Muller also directed music and acting, and she maximized the presence of the youths, so as to create a large, festive scene, on this night so close to Christmas in reality.

The stage was quite dark, but that ambiance added to the eeriness and ghostly visions. Plus there was not extensive scenic design, so the dimness added its own atmospheric mood. Hands appeared on Scrooge’s mattress in ghoulish fashion, but, for the most part, the production was tasteful and classically drawn. Daniel J. McCormick, a member of the ensemble, appeared as one of the Gentlemen, in chorus and in occasional solos, with studied stage presence. Brady Lynch as Belle, Scrooge’s past girlfriend, was also an artist to watch, as was Katherine Murphy as Mrs. Cratchit. The three Ghosts respectively sang “In the Past”, “Here We Go” - “God Rest Ye”, and “Time” – “Not at All the Same”. Choreography was unadorned in this packed production, but it was adapted to the musical momentum. The sound design was weak, with some vocals fading into rear stage. Pipe Dream Theatre, founded in 2010, is “dedicated to…challenge the way people view theatre”, and it certainly has a bright future in the Off-Broadway community. Ms. Muller and Mr. Simon have teamed up for theatrical projects for over a decade.

Cast of "3 Ghosts"
Courtesy of Vanessa Price

For more information, contact Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower at