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"Dogs Lie", a Psychological Film with Urban Suspense
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"Dogs Lie", a Psychological Film with Urban Suspense

- Backstage with the Playwrights and Filmmakers

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Top Movie LLC Presents:
Dogs Lie: 2011

Produced and Directed by Richard Atkinson
Written by:
Richard Atkinson, Jane Beale, Ronnie Cohen
Based on a Play by Jane Beale and Ronnie Cohen
Music by:
Spencer Snyder, Jason Solowsky, Ignacio Uriarte
Key Hair & Special Effects: Candice Crawford
Director of Photography: Colin Lewis
Edited by Albert Elmazovski
Director of Music: Spencer Snyder
Key Makeup: Rani Shortland
Stylist: Melissa Nicole Buck
Casting: Brette Goldstein

Frank Boyd, Samrat Chakrabarti, Ewa Da Cruz
Ken Anderson, Gita Reddy, Roya Shanks, Arnie Mazer

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 15, 2011

(See a Review of Ronnie Cohenís The Street)

Dogs Lie is a film of a play by Jane Beale and Ronnie Cohen, and if the play isnít onstage at the moment, this is a must-see film. Itís a psychological piece that slowly draws the viewer into its game, like chess. In fact, chess is the metaphor for the two lead charactersí survival, that is, only one can win. But, as this is a mystery, somewhat evocative of Perry Masonís television shows, the overview should suffice to engage the reader to see the film. Itís New York based, with most of the dialogue occurring at the computer screens of a lower Madison Avenue sleep clinic. Sleep-deprived subjects check in for neurological and physiological studies, with medical monitors measuring bodily functions and activity. Technicians are alerted when a subject is in stress. There are subjects who sleepwalk, who clutch stuffed rabbits, and who need to visit a lover, under study in another room. There is also a subject who looks like a model and has a lover in the mob.

Itís that subject, Ewa Da Cruz, as Lucia Diego, and her Russian mob friends, who deal in strip clubs (Arnie Mazer as Vlad and Ken Anderson as Yuri), who bring drama to the duo clinicians watching the screens. Those clinicians, Igbal Khani (Samrat Chakrabarti) and Josh Logan (Frank Boyd) are both eager to assist the seductive Ms. Diego in more than strategic sleep. Soon the plot thickens, with off-site action filmed in New York apartments, streets, and waterways. From one of those apartments, Igbalís needy mother, Gita Reddy as Mamaji, calls her son incessantly with low-key chatter. Igbal brushes her off, as heís a man with a mission, and that mission involves attractive women, another competitive game played by the psychically dueling clinicians. In fact, amidst their urban repartee, their mantra is to always be three steps ahead, to succeed both in chess and in life. Another player whoís both seductive and strategic is Roya Shanks, as the plainclothes Detective Mayo, and she surely holds the winning moves.

Dogs Lie is full of surprises and suspenseful close-ups. The musical backdrop shifts from lyrical to unsettling. Ronnie Cohen, Jane Beale, and Richard Atkinson have written a magnetic work, filmed with nuance and intrigue. Click here to read more about this film.

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