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Roundabout Theatre Company Presents Sherie Rene Scott in "Everyday Rapture" at the American Airlines Theatre
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Roundabout Theatre Company Presents Sherie Rene Scott in "Everyday Rapture" at the American Airlines Theatre

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Roundabout Theatre Company
Todd Haimes, Artistic Director
Harold Wolpert, Managing Director
Julia C. Levy, Executive Director


The Second Stage Theatre Productions of
Sherie Rene Scott
Everyday Rapture

By Dick Seanlan and Sherie Rene Scott

Sherie Rene Scott

Eamon Foley, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe

Directed by Michael Mayer
Choreography by Michele Lynch

Conductor/Pianist: Marco Paguia
With Ensemble of Drums, Bass,
Guitars, Violin

At the
American Airlines Theatre
227 West 47th Street

Set Design: Christine Jones
Costume Design: Tom Broecker
Lighting Design: Kevin Adams
Sound Design: Ashley Hanson
Kurt Eric Fischer, Brian Ronan
Projection Design: Darrel Maloney
Orchestrations/Arrangements: Tom Kitt
Music Supervisor: Michael Rafter
Musical Director: Marco Paguia
Musical Coordinator: Michael Keller
Production Stage Manager: Richard C. Rauscher
Stage Manager: Bryce McDonald
Original Casting: MelCap Casting
Additional Casting: Jim Carnahan, CSA
Production Management: Aurora Productions
General Manager: Rebecca Habel
Press: Boneau/Bryan-Brown
Director of Marketing - Sales Promotions: David B. Steffen
Founding Director: Gene Feist
Assoc. Artistic Director: Scott Ellis

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
May 4, 2010

It's fitting that Sherie Rene Scott, who co-wrote and stars in her new solo Broadway show, should be obsessed with Judy Garland. In the case of this show, the Wizard of Oz is just a character on amplification. Everyday Rapture takes Ms. Scott's fantasies and fetishes, wraps them in glitter, projects them onto screens, and presents them to a packed house at American Airlines Theatre, in the guise of Broadway's finest. Ten minutes into the show, a cold chill of awareness set in, that what I was watching was all that there was. Ms. Scott, her two-woman song and dance chorus, and Eamon Foley, a crazed teen fan who posts himself on the internet, lip-syncing Ms. Scott's songs, were the entire cast, backed by a five-man band. There are giant projections of Jesus, one of Ms. Scott's adored heroes, plus the same of Mr. Rogers, only he wrote songs to perform; yes, those songs.

I found Everyday Rapture utterly squirm-inducing, and, as the show dragged on, every time Ms. Scott exited the stage, I considered praying to her deities that this show was fini. Yet, she jogged back out, soliloquizing about her toddler son's discovery of a four-leaf clover, about her early affairs (not necessarily in this order), about growing up in Kansas, about being habitually billed as a semi-star, about being starry-eyed in New York, and so on. From my vantage point, Ms. Scott seemed off-key, self-aggrandized, artificial, and vapid. My mind wandered to shows that had prematurely shut down, like All About Me and Looped, both far more entertaining and artistically conceived.

Eamon Foley was, admittedly, engaging, and I'll look for his name elsewhere. Ms. Mendez and Ms. Wolfe might also re-surface in productions that focus on talent, and I'll look to those opportunities to judge their musicality. Christine Jones added glittering set effects, and Darrel Maloney made creative use of projection space, but, in both cases, neither sets nor films could enhance this insignificant show. With songs like 'I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City' and 'Won't You Be My Neighbor', you'd be better off catching cabaret.

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