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Political Idol - Updated, at the Triad Theatre
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Political Idol - Updated, at the Triad Theatre

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The Freedom Toast Presents
Political Idol - Updated
The Triad Theater, NYC
158 West 72nd Street
NY, NY 10023
(Triad Website)
Written by Robert Yarnall
Directed by Julie Blanciak
Lyrics by Marc Emory, Robert Yarnall, Rob Seitelman

Lara Buck as Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter, Laura Bush, Charo, Mike Huckabee, Cindy McCain; Enga Davis as Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Al Sharpton, Tina Turner; Joe DiSalle as
Mitt Romney, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Dick Cheney,
Ronald Reagan 2, Arnold Schwarzenegger; Rush Limbaugh; Robert Yarnall as Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, John Edwards,
George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ricky Martin

Music Direction: Chris Berg
Costume and Wig Design: Kat Martin, Vesta Goodarz
Stage Manager: Amber Estes
Choreography: Lara Buck
Production Assistants: Louise Barmore, Fred McCoy
General Manager: Olson Rohdes
Press Representative: Peter Cromarty

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 16, 2008

(See the November 6, 2007 Review)

In the November opening of this political spoof, there was no character of John McCain. Tonight Robert Yarnall sang “John McCain” with his wig, and Lara Buck was wife, Cindy. Most of the characters from the original show remained, minus Dennis Kucinich and Sam Brownback. There was more stage interaction between Barack Obama (Enga Davis) and Hillary Clinton (Lara Buck), but I still think Ms. Buck is best at Laura Bush, a dead-on imitation. “Economic Boo-Boo” was au courant, sung by George and Laura Bush, Gore, and Rice, and “Change is Cool”, with the refrain, “Change, change, change”, sung by Obama, Charo, and Ted Kennedy, sounded like today’s talking points with a tune.

Each song is sung to a renowned melody, so they’re contagious to hum and easy to remember. “Rove!”, sung by Cheney, Rice, and the Bushes, was so funny that there was no need for the devilish character Rove to appear. When McCain, wife Cindy, Ann Coulter, and Schwarzenegger sang “Clinton is to Blame-O”, today’s television pundits could have been onstage. McCain also appropriately sang, “Bomb Iran”. The ongoing themes of raising campaign cash and spinning the slow economy appeared in Romney’s “If I Were a Rich Man”, and Al Sharpton was back with “You Can Call Me Al”. Enga Davis is just as comfortable in a suit as the eloquent orator, Obama, as she is in a dress and wig as the pop singer, Tina Turner. Lara Buck is cunningly proper as Laura Bush and sharply nasty as Ann Coulter.

Joe DiSalle switches through the larger men, such as Romney, Gore, and Reagan 2 (a ghost), while Robert Yarnall switches through the more compact men, such as Giuliani and Edwards. Both actors showcase their talent with accents, mannerisms, baldness, and bellies. I still love Hillary and Tina Turner in, “What’s Bill Got to Do with It?”. It’s a total crowd pleaser, full of energy and sass. In fact, the entire show is energetic, timely, and pure fun. Political Idol is running on Sunday nights at 7:00 PM at the Triad Theatre. This is one show not to be missed.

Joe DiSalle as Mitt Romney, Lara Buck as Hillary Clinton
Enga Davis as Barack Obama, Robert Yarnall as John Edwards
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

Enga Davis as Barack Obama, Joe DiSalle as Al Gore
Lara Buck as Hillary Clinton, Robert Yarnall as Rudy Giuliani
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

Enga Davis as Condoleezza Rice
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

Lara Buck as Laura Bush
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

Joe DiSalle as Mitt Romney
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

Robert Yarnall as George Bush
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

Enga Davis as Barack Obama
Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Conklin

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