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Enzo Capua, author of Event Horizon
- Backstage with the Playwrights and Filmmakers

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Check out our Sponsors

Written and Directed by Enzo Capua

Produced by Patricia Watt

Actors: Jim Wisniewski, Rebecca Roberts, Carolyn Woodring, James Lorenzo
Narrator: Christine DelZoppo
Translated by Carolyn and Gioacchino Balducci

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
February 24, 2003

Originally Published on

This is the first of a series of brief articles about theatrical works in progress. Enzo Capua, who is also a Jazz aficionado, and can often be found at Birdland Jazz, has written an Off-Off Broadway style play, called Event Horizon. The reading of this play took place at the Neighborhood Playhouse, School of Theatre, 340 East 54th Street, NY, NY, 10022, 212.688.3770. According to Harold Baldridge, Director of Neighborhood Playhouse, the serious and committed theatre student can find something at this theatrical school that would not be provided elsewhere. There are courses and workshops available at this school of theatre, including courses in Modern Jazz and Ballet, as well as stage combat, to assist with movement onstage. Famous alumni include Tony Randall, Robert Duvall, Anna Sokolow, and Steve McQueen.

Event Horizon, performed with actors on chairs and a narrator at a podium, is a work in progress, with no intermission. The plot concerns a sex therapy session, between Muriel (Rebecca Roberts) and her Sex Therapist, Sonia (Carolyn Woodring). It also concerns a relationship between Muriel and Robert (James Lorenzo) and another relationship, through an apartment wall, between Muriel and Terrence (Jim Wisniewski). The story, sets, lighting, etc., are narrated by Christine DelZoppo. There is some assistance with an offstage radio, for related music.

According to Mr. Capua, Playwright, this is a love story behind the wall of a City apartment, either a place of torment or just Life itself. It is the unfolding and resolution of an impossible love. I found the Narrator extremely poised and very professional. In fact, the entire cast was extremely well rehearsed for this reading, there was a program provided, and a wine reception followed. I found the latter part of the play much more interesting than the first part, which concerned the sex therapy session and seemed to be forced humor. I also would have liked Mr. Lorenzo to project his voice and persona to a much greater level for appropriate focus on his character. Ms. Woodring was captivating in her portrayal of the dedicated Sex Therapist, and Ms. Roberts was superb as the client and the girlfriend to the two different characters, one in her apartment and one on the other side of the wall.

The conversation about metaphysics, between Muriel and Terrence, perfectly cast for Mr. Wisniewski, was the finest portion of this one-act play, which could have been better as two acts, one between Muriel and her therapist, as well as her conversation with Robert, with whom she had an inadequate sexual relationship, and one act for the conversation through the wall, which ends with some kind of ethereal reunion in space, as neither Muriel nor Terrence ever leave their apartments to actually physically meet. Rather, they psychically meet, through wishes and desires.

There was a play within a play, as Terrence wrote a play about action that actually occurred inside the apartment next door, and there was a somewhat diffuse element about seeing and hearing through the hole in the wall that framed both Muriel's and Terrence's apartments. I think Event Horizon has enormous promise, and I look forward to seeing it in final form, onstage, with sets and costumes, as well as real action, off the chairs. Kudos to Enzo Capua, who is also a successful TV Journalist and Producer for an Italian Public TV Station.

In their own words, the following are some comments from and about a few of the actors mentioned above:

Rebecca Roberts:

I held my own with Mercedes Ruelho, Roy Scheider and Larry Pine in a Joe Pintauro play called Karma Boomerang, where I originated the part of a 22 yr-old heroine addict, named Mary Alice. The actors (the four of us) helped him write the play in Sag Harbor around his antique dining room table!

I just had a peak-a-boo appearance on All My Children.

I study with the acclaimed teacher Deborah Hedwall who heads the Rutgers Drama Department with William Esper.

Carolyn Woodring:

Carolyn Woodring: Film & Television: Hijacked: Flight 285 (ABC/Movie of the week), Boys Will Be Boys (Feature Film), Fortunes (Independent Film). Daytime Serials: All My Children, Days Of Our Lives, NY Theatre: Bury the Dead, Paying Regrets, Graduation Party, S&M In A Murphy Bed. Commercial Credits: National & Regional spots.

I grew up in Springhouse, Pennsylvania. After graduating from DeSalle University with a BA in Theatre, I moved to New York. I have worked in many facets of the business. I was a Director & Producer in Off-Off Broadway, I was an assistant producer in Off-Broadway & I was a 1st Assistant Director in commercial production. I have returned to New York after living in Arizona & Los Angeles.

Jim Wisniewski:

I'm from Chicago, but I went to College at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Then I went back to Chicago to train at Second City School of Improv. I moved to New York in '93 and have been acting here and regionally ever since. I've also been on Law and Order, Criminal Intent, and The Late Show with David Letterman. I've done stand-up comedy in several of the Clubs around NYC.

I can currently be seen in the up-coming production of Kaleidoscope Theatre's God and Mr. Smith (Mr. Smith). The show is at The Mint Theatre, 315 43rd Street, and opens March 14th.

Photos by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
February 24, 2003

Jim Wisniewski and Carloyn Woodring (Actors)

Christine del Zoppo (Narrator) and Enzo Capua (Playwright)

Enzo Capua at Leisure

Rebecca Roberts and Jim Wisniewski (Actors)

Jim Larocca (Playwright), Paul Haller (Actor), Sharon O'Connell (Actor), Guests

Sharon O'Connell and Dale Larocca, Guests

Rebecca Roberts and Carolyn Woodring, Actors

Christine del Zoppo (Narrator) and John Byrd (Playwright), Guest

Mario Fratti (Producer), Patricia Watt (Producer of Event Horizon), and Friend

Rob Fruchtman Joins the Crowd

Enzo Capua Finally Relaxes


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