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Fathom Events Presents "Enchanted Kingdom 3D"
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Fathom Events Presents "Enchanted Kingdom 3D"

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Enchanted Kingdom 3D
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Narrated by Idris Elba

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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 10, 2015

Film Credits:
Local Distributor and Reliance Entertainment present in association with IM Global a BBC Earth Films production in association with Evergreen Studios, "Enchanted Kingdom". Narrated by Idris Elba | Narration written by Nigel Williams, Patrick Morris and Neil Nightingale | Music by Patrick Doyle | Executive produced by Deepak Nayar, Stuart Ford, Mike Newell, Marcus Arthur, Mike Devlin and Miles Ketley | Produced by Myles Connolly, Amanda Hill and Neil Nightingale | Directed by Patrick Morris and Neil Nightingale.(Courtesy, BBC Earth Films Notes)

“Enchanted Kingdom”, by BBC Earth Films, is a 3D filmatic experience, the likes of which you have never before experienced and may only experience again on revisiting this very film. It is intriguing, mesmerizing, surprising, educational, rhythmic, scintillating, poignant, dynamic, and unforgettable. The actor, Idris Elba, narrates the 87 minute journey, across the continent of Africa, through Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania and South Africa. The film is divided into realms, called “Mysterious Forest”, “Fiery Underworld”, “Alien Sands”, “Scorched Plains”, “Fantastical Seas”, “Frozen Spires”, and “Mercurial Waters”.

The BBC crew, on or in helicopters, treetops, surfboards, cars, foot, boats, planes, ropes, rafts, backs of animals, and more, filmed for 573 days. The technology is so very spellbinding, as you watch with 3D glasses, that you will feel like you are swept inside a roaring wave, or underwater, amidst a swirling school of tiny fish. In fact, the fish will appear to pop off the screen and swim by your face. You’ll see families of elephants hiking miles for water and bathing in mud, expansive dry deserts, with small reptiles and insects fighting for survival, crocodiles stalking wildebeests, by swimming beneath rivers, herds of animals in seasonal migrations and their courageous battles to protect the young, and habitats that freeze under icicles, by night, and emanate tropical heat, by day. To focus on more detailed scenarios of the astounding environmental and animal phenomena would be to ruin the serendipity of the immersion. On the aesthetic dimension, the effect is equally as compelling as the film’s photographic technology. Music enhancement, plus magnified tonal effects, of animal and insect sounds, solo and communal, plus the thunder of storms and seas, soft breezes and sandstorms, are astounding. You will see the opening and closing, in rapid-motion, time-lapse photography, of flowers and plants, choreographed by sun and moon.

This film may still be in theaters, although I was fortunate to see it during a Fathom Event. Fathom Events also presents operas and ballets, from international companies, throughout the year, that have been filmed during live performances.

The Fantastical Seas
© 2014 BBC Earth Productions (Africa) Limited
and Reliance Prodco EK LLC.

The Fiery Underworld
© 2014 BBC Earth Productions (Africa) Limited
and Reliance Prodco EK LLC.

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