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Ballet Hispanico Residency at Skidmore College - Interview with Yarden Ronen
- Arts and Education
- On Location

Ballet Hispanico Residency at Skidmore College,
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(Ballet Hispanico Website)
Tina Ramirez, Artistic Director, Ballet Hispanico

Sponsored by
Office of the Dean of Special Programs
Don McCormack, Dean of Special Programs
Sharon Arpey, Director of Community Education
& Summer Conferences

Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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  • By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
    June 17 and June 18, 2003
    Originally Published on

    June 18, 2003, Interview of Yarden Ronen, a third season Ballet Hispanico dancer, from Israel: On a lovely park bench on the vast green, wooded Skidmore Campus, outside the Dance Center:

    Yarden Ronen

    REZ: What was the high point of your Skidmore Summer Dance experience?

    YR: The Latin Social Dance with the community. I like the involvement with the community. We had a showing of a new piece in an open rehearsal, with a lecture demonstration. We did our work, plus the audience was involved. Also, you have space and trees here. It's different from studios in NY. In a Company Class, we got students to a professional level. And, at the Egg in Albany, we performed to a full house.

    REZ: What are your goals for yourself?

    YR: To succeed in dance, not just in Latin, but also in Classic.

    REZ: As an Israeli, how did you happen to join Ballet Hispanico?

    YR: I came to the Company in 2001, heard about the Company, got a call back, then another, and then got a contract.

    REZ: What attracted you to Ballet Hispanico?

    YR: It's a place to combine art and diverse choreography, jazz, and modern pieces, such as Club Havana.

    REZ: Tell me about your Israel dance experience.

    YR: I studied at Bat D'Or Ballet Company. I had a full scholarship and joined in 1996. Lar Lubovitch was there and choreographed a period piece about Jews. He choreographed two pieces for my Company, while I was a soloist. Then, I came to NY for a two-week vacation on my way to South America. During my visit, I auditioned for Ballet Hispanico. A lot of people came. They took a small amount of the participants (in the audition).

    REZ: Do you have a dance partner?

    YR: Natalia is my steady dance partner. We have a lot of chemistry.

    REZ: Thanks, and Good Luck!


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